They have heard God spoken of as being afar off, when He is as close to us as the breath we breathe, closer than our hands and feet. Being of an analytical mind, I too, have wanted to know the facts of a Truth. If it is a Truth, there are facts to be had, and they can prove themselves, not alone in Spirit but in a very practical way. It is my intention to present these lessons simply, without high-minded words or vague statements that sound pretty and promising.

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You may have even tried using it to attract more love, abundance, good health and wealth into your life Unfortunately, due to the way in which media portrays this Universal Law, the Law of Attraction you and most people are familiar with is actually INCOMPLETE - which means that you only access the tiniest tip of the iceberg when it comes to utilizing its immense potential.

The second reason most people are unable to see results from the Law of Attraction is because But before I do, let me quickly introduce myself and my brilliant teaching partner, Bob Proctor. My teaching partner, Bob Proctor, is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world today. He has transformed the lives of millions of people through his books, seminars, courses and personal coaching.

He is considered one of the living masters and great teachers of manifestation. This book and the 11 spiritual principles contained within it are the core teachings that Bob and I return to again and again, year after year, in our own lives.

These teachings have allowed us to both build several multi-million dollar businesses, and they enable us to continue attracting everything we desire in our lives in surprising and miraculous ways. Time and Money Freedom? You may find that, even though you want to meet your soulmate, you just keep meeting the same undesirable people over and over again You may find that, no matter how much you want to increase your financial abundance, you always seem to spend more money than you make.

You see, attracting the right coincidences to achieve your dreams is a Law. Having the self-confidence and inspiration to move ahead without being hindered is a Law.

Replacing fear, stress and worry with peace of mind is a Law. Living in a state of abundance, happiness, joy and fulfillment is a Law. The key to living from ease - the simple change in "understanding" that will empower you to overcome any problem or adversity with speed and grace. How to harness the full potential of your thoughts - scientists have proven that your thoughts travel , times faster than the speed of your voice. The simple secret to transforming anxious energy into peace and calm.

Law of Supply How to shift your awareness and increase the flow of abundance into your life exponentially. The "Michael Phelps secret" to accelerating personally and professionally - you will break through any barriers and take a quantum leap toward your goals once you know these Olympian-inspired techniques!

A powerful exercise you can use to "teleport" yourself to the richest source of abundance on the planet - and you can practice it anytime and as often as you want. The "Nelson Mandela secret" that ended apartheid - and how you can apply the same extraordinary principle to effortlessly break through any limiting circumstances.

When your back is to the wall and everything you hold dear seems to be falling apart Absolutely not! If your blessings come and go in erratic spurts - we will tell you the primary reason why, and what you can do to open yourself up to a steady, consistent flow of goodness. Law of Increase The power of praise - the hidden step-by-step system that will help you magnify what you want more of in life.

Feeling stressed out? The secrets to building the perfect "wealth-attracting image" that will help you magnetically attract prosperity to you. Law of Non-Resistance How to avoid a very common burnout-causing mistake, so that you can eliminate stress and accomplish more in less time. The secret to being in total control of your surroundings; mental Aikido! Law of Forgiveness How to uncork a bottomless wellspring of forgiveness - how to make peace with the past so that you can finally move forward.

The secret to compassionately releasing suppressed anger, so that you can move to the next level of your own spiritual growth The "fertile garden" secret - the single fastest way to enjoy emotional freedom.

Eat your cake and have it too - a powerful way to take control of your thinking and squeeze more fun and pleasure out of life! The powerful paradigm shift you can make to shift out of stagnation and toward the fulfillment of all your desires, quickly and easily. Law of Obedience How to become naturally obedient to the laws of nature, not out of fear, but because you know that wonderful things will happen and grow in your life.

The mysterious secret that Mother Nature uses to effortlessly overcome all of her obstacles - and why this is the root of unlimited joy and happiness. A turnip seed does not produce potatoes - why ignoring this concept is the REAL reason most people tend to repel the abundance they desire. Law of Success The awe-inspiring, "prickly nest" secret that will disrupt negative thinking, boost your tenacity, and inspire you to pursue anything you set your mind to.

Conquer the fear of failure How to raise yourself from failure to success, simply by focusing on your hobbies! How to use The 11 Universal Laws of Success Program: Listen to the audio lessons on your computer, or download them to your smartphone or other mobile device, and take them with you.

Imagine that! These audio lessons are designed not only to train you in how to use these invisible spiritual laws to shape your reality, but also to put you in an amazing, positive mindset that will help carry you throughout your day. Inside our 11 Universal Laws of Success program, not only will you become intimately acquainted with each of these laws, you will discover how to MASTER them - and how to use them to shape your reality quickly and easily.

Go through the entire week program. Go back and listen to the audio lessons several times if you choose. This is a Watershed Moment in Your Life You can open yourself up to the guidance that will amplify the Law of Attraction and the 10 other invisible laws of the Universe, and put yourself on the path to greater love, abundance, good health and wealth.

Inside the 11 Universal Laws of Success, Bob and I will take you by the hand and show you how to create this limitless abundance for yourself, and much more. Remember that your investment in this program is backed by my day, money-back satisfaction guarantee - you can try out the entire week program at no risk.

Simply click on the button below and fill out the secure order form you see on the next page, and we will email you your program access details immediately, so that you can begin the first lesson within just a few minutes: To your limitless prosperity,.


Working with the Law: 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living

There are no limits to his possibilities. He focuses and individualizes the elements, forces, and principles of the whole world. Nothing is impossible. Raymond N. Holliwell Here is the key to the understanding of the mysteries of life by one who has attained that understanding through living the Law. He shows us how to live wisely, constructively, successfully, and in accord with Divine Order. Working with the Law gives us a better understanding of God and brings Him closer to us in our everyday life.


Living The Law

Do it once. Do it right A reference book for civilian law enforcement professionals Working with the Law was conceived first with the Australian private investigation industry in mind. The intended readership has expanded since to incorporate the security guarding and debt collection industries throughout Australia.


Working with the Law Audiobook (free download)

My thought are only positive no matter the circumstance around me. I get in harmony with the law now. I recommend it. IF you desire to take your life to new levels. The laws are so easy to apply, each law is biblical based.


Working with the Law – Preface by Raymond Holliwell


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