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This extended ability to record both inputs and outputs means that Extreme can perform isolation recording of up to 8 simultaneous camera inputs with its proprietary IsoCorder software.

Looking more like a four-rack-unit 4 RU computer server than a traditional TriCaster, this is a TriCaster geared toward studio or broadcast facility integration rather than field production. What Makes it Extreme? The Extreme version provides a number of enhancements over the original TCXD including full HD recording treatment, with the ability to record p30 of any discrete input as well as the program or AUX outputs the TCXD could record only outputs.

The ability to record each input simultaneously and in isolation is helpful for a number of use case scenarios, including: surveillance, multi-camera shoots where later editing might be required, and sporting events where one camera tracks a particular player. HUI devices The TC CS control surface is the main human-user interface for the Extreme, although almost every click and selection can be mimicked with a mouse on the screen. Given the option, it appears most users would want to use the TCXD CS, as its buttons are straightforward and provide visual feedback by changing colors when pressed.

Computer At 7. A depth of The size and bulk is one of the first indications that the Extreme is designed to be permanently mounted, unlike earlier TriCasters whose square and shallower form factor worked for desktop- and field-based use cases.

The upside of all this extra space is the combination of Sandybridge architecture and a decent amount of processing firepower: the Extreme has two Intel i7 quad-core 3. Several of these issues include power supply redundancy, network redundancy, and video loop-through capabilities.

A single Ethernet connector makes sense for field-deployed TriCasters, but makes little sense on a rack-mounted unit that claims streaming as one of its key features.

Power supply redundancy is robust on the TriCaster Extreme, as the unit contains two hot-swappable power supplies, each with an audible warning beep that continues until the unit is replaced.

It might make sense to offer a way to shut off the beep, as its decibel level and insistence on being dealt with could be distracting in the middle of a production in closed quarters, but then again the warning system does its job well. Inputs and Outputs The back of the Extreme has an almost overwhelming number of inputs and outputs. Video loop-through capability To counteract the potential of a significant loss of video signal during an inadvertent boot-up or restarting of the computer, NewTek has included a hardware loop on the video 7 input.

Along the top of the Extreme, a series of Cannon 3-pin XLR connectors provide analog audio inputs 8 and outputs 4. Upon purchase of the VSE program, the watermark is removed from future virtual sets, but any sets that had been rendered during the trial period will need to be re-rendered to remove the watermark. VSE sets are output as a series of still images, in much the same way as the animation store creator that comes with most TriCaster.

VSE not only has alpha channels but also produces real-time reflections and can be export for immediate use on other TriCasters that are capable of using virtual sets. An installer can be created to share a virtual set with an Extreme or or the new version NewTek announced at IBC. In other words, a single version of the VSE can generate sets to be used on multiple TriCasters, a significant cost saving if a production studio has numerous TXCD models, and a potential business model for those who want to make a living from selling customized virtual sets to other TriCaster users.

Animation Store Creator, while not technically a piece of standalone software, is also worth noting. The Extreme uses Animation Store Creator to create animated transitions between cameras or other video sources. Animations can be any length, and the choice of transition frame can be set by the animation creator.

When the Extreme began shipping in June , NewTek also quietly began shipping Extreme-capable TCXD units, taking advantage of Sandybridge bus architecture and graphics enhancements.

This "future proofing" approach allows for TCXDto Extreme upgrades to be more quickly performed in the field as a software upgrade, rather than requiring the more labor-intensive "send it back to NewTek" hardware upgrade that the original TCXD units required. And that, in itself, should be cause for rejoicing.


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