Ideas are the root of creation. Attributed to Ernest Dimnet in: Rhonda L. Theoretically, education is a mental training aiming at greater intellectual elasticity, but the question is whether education does not often strain, instead of train, a mind. Conversely, people with immense leisure find time for nothing. There exists some book, pamphlet, article in an encyclopaedia, or possibly an old clipping from a newspaper that once set you thinking; there may be many; indeed you may be one of those rare beings with whom a few lines of print are food enough or thought because, as Lamartine says, their thoughts think themselves.

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What does seem important is a bustling, hustling life, with the excitement of getting in or out of a scrimmage, beating somebody or something, getting there. To these the mind of the gentleman would every few minutes revert. High-minded men and women endowed with warm natures are almost invariably optimistic, even when they realize the rottenness of the world, but how few they are! What is our reaction in the presence of a thinker? The writer is constantly beset with phantasms.

The art of thinking Treat thinkingg as lessons in history. The stream runs fast and so deep between its brambly sides that it is impossible to see anything clearly in it.

But no attempt at brightening it with Alma-Tadema pictures can conjure away the declensions, conjugations and modes. What Kant, or even a more practically inclined metaphysician, like Sir William Hamilton, tells us about the nature of the intellect may represent a powerful mental effort, but the results are not commensurate with it.

But it is not so. What are we hearing ourselves say? The author of this book is certainly not prepared to say that he has acted, or even is now acting, up to his own principles; still he is not bragging in saying that he has probably felt their value more than many people nearer to genius than he is.

Inferiority complexes are not always the result of the presence of shadows like those I have just mentioned. Is not this enough? Abuses are tolerated by the French provided they can laugh, or make cynical remarks about them. In America it is in vain that parents are naturally inclined, and schools are more and more advised to allow children all the mental freedom they can use; conformity is too strongly established and it takes genius to escape from it.

It would seem as if writers who are professionally trained to watch the operation of their minds, and in whose Mss. He shaves off his moustache and has his hair cut in the most military style. On the contrary, thlnking book is destined for idle people and intended to make them live twenty-four hours a day. Millions are oppressed by manual work, either because there is too much of it, or because the life has been taken out of arr by standardization, or because its alternate praising up or depreciation by so-called labor leaders replaces their natural attachment to their occupation by uncertainty and thinkign hatred.

View all 4 comments. Others suspect under it all a recipe which they do not know but might learn. He may have a turn for mathematics and know he must face years of severe effort before he can get admission to diimnet Ecole Polytechnique, but literary history will be no less attractive to him.

Sometimes we are aware of a succession of images driving, in fact, telescoping, one another toward a worded conclusion with extraordinary rapidity. The ideas expressed, the attitude before life, sometimes even before grief, are uninteresting or unpleasant. Ideas count more in France than facts, and as long as education is at one with the national bias to prefer the art of living to the struggle for life, this one-sided view will go on.

And this process never stops, not even in our sleep, any more than a river ever stops in its course. Books by Ernest Dimnet. What are the results? We can be conscious of one reel unrolling itself—with many crazy interruptions—in our inward cinema, and not be quite conscious of another fixed image, visible, but not easily visible, through the film. This extremely earnest young dimneh was impressed to the highest degree.

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The Art of Thinking Ernest Dimnet

Vomi The art of thinking Amazon Renewed Frnest products with a warranty. Ye Lu rated it really liked it Dec 21, The memory of this one actually made me fidget in my chair, and I had to make an effort to think of something else. Soon he begins to suppress the native vivacity on his face and replaces it by good-natured slowness. You will feel at once that the so-called critics only pretend to know what they are writing about, and write about this negative quantity in an entirely artificial style. The American boy leaves school with a more ar less definite idea that what is called culture is a luxury, that is to say a superfluity. It will be enough if the reader is conscious of sympathy to which he has a right, and of a continuous striving to help him in his effort to think his best and live his noblest. However, our point is that it can be worse than this.


The art of thinking






Ernest Dimnet


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