He mainly resided in Sarakhs. He was active during the reign of Timur , who noticed him as a promising scientist and supported his scholarship, and was part of his court. Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani famously remarked about him that "science ended with him in the East" and "no one could ever replace him". He sincerely practiced Islam, and practiced and preached in the Hanafi and Maturidi schools.

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Sharh az Zanjani aka. His first work. Al-Irsad aka. Irsad ul Hadi. Rhetoric[edit] Al-Muhtasar aka. Mirtah il Ulum. Logic Sherh ur Risalet ash Shamsiyye aka. Sharh ush Shamsiyya. Tezhib ul Mantiq Wa al Kalam.

Sharh ul Aqaid in Nasafiyye A. Hashiye tu Muhtasar il Munteha. Miftah ul Fiqh aka. Ihtisaru Sharhi Talhis il jami il Kabir. Al-Fatawa al Hanaffiya. A detailed compilation of gis juristical decisions during his juristicaal career. Sharh ul Faraid is Sirajiyya. Theology Hashiyye Al ak-Kashshaf.

This is an unfinished work of his. Kashf ul Esrar ve Uddet ul Ebraar. Al Arbain. Sharh ul Hadis ul Erbain en Neveviyye. Hashiyat al kashaf extremely rare work by Taftazani never finished by the scholar or unknown compiled during his life time. There are 3 manuscripts that have shed light on the subject and are known to the public in museums and private collections. Many have tried to copy it and many still do, but they can never compete with its beauty which shines from every aspect that one can look from.

One of the main aspects with which it has been studied is from the aspect of balaghah rhetoric , the science which deals with word-play, metaphor, simile, embellishment, and so-on. In Arabic, if nahw Grammar is the body, then balaghah rhetoric is its soul. Allamah Taftazani was amongst these very giants who contributed to the codification and formulation of the principles and rules of rhetoric which we find imbedded in the very books we study today.

Allamah Taftazani was a very hardworking student. He was 16 years of age when he first wrote his book Sharh az-Zanjani a book on Arabic morphology. Eventually, his popularity grew and students began flocking to him. Allamah Taftazani was a master of many sciences. Amongst his books in usul is the famous Hanafi reference at-Talweeh fi Kashfi Haqaiq at-Tanqeeh famously known as at-Tawdeeh wa at-Talweeh. This book further goes to show his expertise in the Hanafi school of thought.

He was also a scholar of mantiq logic and kalam theology ; his works in mantiq include Tahdheeb al-Mantiq wa al-Kalam and Sharh Risalah ash-Shamsiyyah. The latter has been taught in madaris as the highest level book in the science of balaghah. Students and teachers alike have been reported to say that this is amongst the toughest books taught in the Dars e Nizami curriculum.

As stated above, Allamah Taftazani was amongst those scholars who had deep understanding and intellect. He excelled in many sciences, and his popularity grew [till such] that students would travel to him to study.

He began his writing career at the young age of sixteen, and [soon] became matchless in his knowledge during the eight century Hijri. The debate took place between at-Taftazani and ash-Sharif al-Jurjani. Allamah Taftazani became depressed due to this, and he became severely grieved by it.

The great Allamah passed away soon after this incident. Khayruddin az-Zerekly. Beirut: Lebanon. Shadharat adh-Dhahab vol. Damascus: Syria. Dar ibn Kathir Sharh Aqaid an-Nasafiyyah. Dar al-Beirut Sharh al-Maqasid vol. There are many scholars of history on both sides. Posted by.









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