That means, hafith Allah habarani not destroy them or did giuliano kremmerz pdf.. Tabarani on sound authority. Ibn-al-Qayyim, however, is inclined. Tabarani narrated it from Abu Dharr in the Kabir ,.. Tabarani hadith book in urdu pdf Direct Links. Pdf tabarani urdu in hadith book [last version] You can download ahle hadees, deoband, hanafi ahle sunnat tabarani..

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They will never separate until they meet me at the pond. There are others in the chain who have also been criticised, but we wish to keep this treatise brief, therefore we will suffice on these three.

He narrates such narrations which are Munkar regarding the virtues and criticism of the Sahabah. He would also narrate Munkar narrations from famous people. He is worthy of being rejected. He is an authentic source of Shia narrations. He has thought provoking accolades to his name.

He is a famous narrator of al Kafi. Kathir al Nawa according to the Ahlus Sunnah 1. What is clear is that both names refer to the same person. It will be quite beneficial to turn a few pages and refresh your memories regarding him once again. There is no information about them. Therefore the status of this narration has become evident. We have mentioned his details in full. In this way, he spread the fabricated narrations of al Kalbi amongst the masses.

Narrated by al Tabarani in al Awsat and the chain contains narrators whose reliability has been disputed. Both of these are not available to us, due to which we are deeply saddened. Hafiz al Haythami has commented regarding this narration that the isnad contains narrators whose reliability has been disputed.

The scholars have not reached a consensus on accepting their narrations. In other words, this chain is not reliable. If only we could find a text which has a reliable isnad to it such that the narrators should be above criticism; reliable and distanced from innovation Unfortunately, none of the narrations of al Tabarani regarding al Thaqalayn have reliable isnad.

Secondly, it should be noted that this isnad does not only contain one narrator who could be criticised, rather it has a few narrators who are worthy of criticism. The question remains, who are they? However, to pinpoint them without having a copy of Mujam al Awsat of al Tabarani would be quite difficult.

None of the narrations emanate from anyone else. You have already seen the narrations of the first four books. Look at them for a second time and ponder over the matter. We will then present the narration of the sixth book; the matter will become significantly clear. Note:- The difficulty that was being experienced regarding the narration of Awsat of al Tabarani was that Hafiz al Haythami commented that there are a few narrators whose reliability has been disputed.

However, we could not identify them, except through assumptions and indications. Recently an amazing co-incidence took place. Therefore the reason for rejecting this narration is quite apparent.


Ma`ajim al-Tabarani



mojam tabarani






Al Mu'jam Al Kabir Tabarani Jild 1-6


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