Dragon Hunt[ edit ] During the unsteady stalemate between the living and undead, a young blue dragon flies over what remains of southern Lordaeron. Kalecgos, the blue dragon, is shot down by Harkyn Grymstone, a dragon hunter driven by hatred towards the dragon who killed his family. Before Harkyn and his party find the wounded dragon, Kalec transforms into a human and is saved by Anveena, a young maiden who saw the event. Kalec returns to his true form and takes to the skies in an attempt to flee together with Anveena, but is hit again and crashes into a lake. The hunter pursue the dragon but the magical artifact steers them North instead of towards the lake.

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Thus, the city of Silvermoon was established. The power of the high elves grew, and they cast an enchantment on the Eversong Woods that would keep them bathed in eternal springtime. For millennia the mystical pool of energy fueled the potent magic of the exiled high elves. For generations the high elves protected and cherished the well, benefiting from its powers even when outside the borders of their homeland.

With this act the sacred well was instantly corrupted. Many of the Scourge, however, remained behind to prey upon the few elves who had not yet fallen. The corrupted powers of the well still permeated not only the elves, but all that they had built. Given enough time, the necromantic energies would kill the elves and spread an incurable poison throughout the surrounding land. The Sunwell before and after its corruption. He executed a plan that would irrevocably change the fate of his people.

A wizard named Borel - in truth, one of the guises of the red dragon Korialstrasz - gathered what remained of the energies and hid them away in the guise of a young human girl, Anveena Teague.

The elves suffered terribly from withdrawal, for many of them had been infused with the arcane energies of the well all their lives. Only in the absence of the Sunwell did the blood elves come to realize how addicted they had grown to its powers. Over time the elves grew ill, and the youngest and oldest among them died. There, the elves met the one being capable of putting an end to their painful hunger: the renegade demon Illidan Stormrage.

There he battled the avatar of the Sunwell, Anveena, and a band of heroes with the aid of the blue dragon Kalecgos and others. Mayhap, they will rebirth the soul of a nation. This new source of power gives new hopes to the Blood Elves that their addiction to magic will be cured and the glory of their proud race restored. In World of Warcraft.


Sunwell Trilogy



The Sunwell Trilogy - Dragon Hunt



WarCraft: The Sunwell Trilogy by Richard A. Knaak


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