This API is also used by the core stack for interaction between the various protocols. The model of execution is based on the blocking open-read-write-close paradigm. It is meant to provide all functions needed to run socket API applications running on other platforms e. However, due to limitations in the specification of this API, there might be incompatibilities that require small modifications of existing programs. When running in a multithreaded environment, raw API functions MUST only be called from the core thread since raw API functions are not protected from concurrent access aside from pbuf- and memory management functions.

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Since you can be using any hardware, no support for IO is provided here and this guide will help you compile FORTE as a static library that you can later add to some project you already have working on your hardware, so the following points are assumed before starting this guide You have and IDE and a compiler installed in your computer that allows you to compile code to your hardware from now on, cross-IDE and cross-compiler , You have an example using freeRTOS and LwIP running in your hardware, meaning that the freeRTOS and LwIP code are present in your computer, and you have a basic understanding of tasks of freeRTOS If you checked all points before, keep going.

Set path for binaries where you want to create the library. Press Configure Select the correct option Select the tool you normally use to compile your programs. Select Specify tools for cross-compiling. Select the path to the C cross-compiler for your hardware. This you can look for in the properties of your project in your cross-IDE. The target root field can be left empty.

When you later compile and it fails with an error saying that some "includes" are missing, this variable should be updated where the folders where the missing files are located. You can check which flags you need from the proeperties of your example project in your cross-IDE.

Click Configure and the variables that need revision will appear again in red and the rest in white. Check these variables and press Configure until no variable is shown in red. You should take care of the following: Make sure that you have a good amount of RAM available in your system for the stack and heap memory. If the programs reaches one of these breakpoints, you have a memory problem. In some cases this is not done by default by the generated code of the example. Try adding this call right at the beginning of the main function before any other call.

Where to go from here? Take a look at the following tutorials:.


Browsing the Git Repository



lwIP Documentation


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