Class B operation of the audio power amplifier yields high efficien- cy at rated output with very low quiescent power drain. This eliminates the high cost of a bifilar-wound transformer. In all cases, the output is switched ON by an active high input level. Datasheet pagepro en 4 Documents. Minimum data pulse width. LMN описание схема включения Smaller module or display subassemblies.

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Bralrajas Without a standard I L logic family, the main market penetration would appear to be custom designs although there is a definite opportunity for standard interface for lower voltage applications, particularly LEDs and vacuum fluorescent. Also shown in Figure series.

It gives maximum gain without common-mode interference and noise. Accelerated- life tests provide the manufacturer and user with an indication of the reliability of a device.

Information present at any register is transferred to its respective latch when the STROBE is high serial -to-parallel conversion. A typical data-input timing chart for this config- uration is shown in Figure 9. To simplify circuit board layout, all outputs are pinned opposite their respective inputs.

Modest voltage capability 60 or 70 volts is all that is required of a semiconductor device to drive these panels, and the currents are in 20 to 30 mA region. Additionally, transistor sizes are considerably smaller than their PN-isolated coun- terparts.

The units covered in this paper are: Full wave detection occurs at the emitter of Q18 and Q19, utilizing the on-chip junction capacity for in- tegration.

More accurately, the maximum input current for any collec- tor current is described by the equation: Negative current is defined as coming out of the specified device pin. Ex- tremely high values of coupling factor should be avoided as this produces an undesirable voltage gain from Pin 15 to Pin 14 which manifests itself as S curve inbalance at low signal levels.

The higher impedance load will also fur- nish a significant reduction in harmonic distortion and improvement in overall repeatability in power output capacity. The amount of change is a factor of load impedance, detector coil characteristics, and part grouping.

Outputs may be paral- leled for higher load current capability. In turn, the individual dxtasheet dissipation is the product of the collector- emitter saturation voltage, the collector current, and the duty cycle.

Special caution must be exercised in attempting to do a reverse cross. Keep appropriate distance between the input pin 4 and the input network and the phase shift network pins 9, 10, and 12, and the phase shift inductor.

An input shift from high-to-low levels could produce a condition where both drivers are ON, and that condition could occur for as long as 5 jits. The allowable output current and duty cycle as lnn function of the number of drivers activated is shown in Figure 6A. Dependent on value of external current limiting resistor, 13 V at 0Q. Many calculator interface schemes use con- siderable numbers of components 70 to typically to drive gas discharge panels.

Definite improvements are needed in the area of process simplification, cost reduction, and alternate sources. In a typical application, with a 3.

They provide significant datasyeet in cost and space with improved reliability. Quality is verified by testing. If and when the device becomes a production item, the prefix will be changed to ULN. The Zener diode also means excellent noise immunity for these devices.

Through a collaborative effort begun late in between Sprague Electric and Burroughs Corp. Step Enable Pin 9 Step Enable must be held high to enable the step pulses for datssheet the motor to reach the translator logic clock circuits. A simplified graphical illustration of the most common AGC characteristic is shown in Figure 6. Subsequent devices have included gain-control stages, output drivers, and voltage regulators. SUMMARY The phenomenal growth in display technology has largely come as a result of the electronic calculator, and electronic displays will pervade all our lives in an ever-increasing number of products.

These devices will handle nu- merous interface needs — particularly those beyond the capabilities of standard logic buffers. Related Articles.


LM1391N National Semiconductor, LM1391N Datasheet

In most instances, the small displays have gone to LEDs. Output Current Ireg 13 2. All de- vices feature open collector outputs and integral dio- des for inductive load transient suppression. Input Impedance Z 6.



They are both able to handle the application shown in Figure 8 a basic lmm, non-multiplexed clock interface rather than a more complex multiplexed system. Therefore, techni- ques similar to those used for handling MOS devices should be employed. Use of external discrete flyback diodes will eliminate power dissipation resulting from switching losses and will allow the full mA output capability Output A, B, C, or D and the Driver Darasheet under all conditions. Pull- ing this pin low inhibits the translator logic. This allows the tuner designer to select an R-F amplifier and oscillator cir- cuit best-suited to the particular application.


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Gazragore The feedback and ripple bypass capacitor at Pin 10 should be chosen for both low-frequency audio rolloff and supply ripple rejection. All parts manufac- tured with the Sprague part number will be marked with the complete number, including the appropriate suffix. Presently, parts are available to withstand up to 95 volts on the output. Audio Distortion is primarily a function of the phase linearity characteristic of the detector tuned circuit. Normally, a small number of in- tegrated circuits exhibit signs of early failure or infant mortality. Although not expressly intended for display applications, this BiMOS CMOS logic and bipolar outputs IC has a great deal of utility to engineers working with lower voltages and high currents LEDs, incandescent and electromagnetic displays.

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