This explains her practical and quick approach to cooking. Villapol published a second version of Cocina al Minuto to help teach her readers how to make do with the scarce availability of food in the market. In general, her interest in culinary was for educational purposes, in order to pass on important information about cooking to the Cuban population and help improve their health. One of the main differences between the two editions is the use of advertisements.

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In fact, it was a theme; most of the authors did not pay too much attention, thanks to Nitza who saw a real purpose in the culinary Cuban art, she was who made possible that every recipe takes part of our culture, identifying us all over the world.

Many culinary initiatives and innovations belong to the extraordinary woman that used to say that everything was the result of changing terms, when an ingredient was lack; she used to find the solution by replacing it by other at our hands. There are some examples that we can mention from these creations, that is like she used to prepare flour fritters without using flour, so that it was quite enough to melt a package of macaroni and use it with this purpose. It is also the pudding recipe, but without eggs.

Nitza and Cocina al Minuto The famous TV program that she used to lead was on air for more than four decades and marked the life of those who used to follow every chapter, every Cuban out or inside the island wanted to keep her books. Villapol Contribution to the Traditional Cuban Cooking What Cuban around the world does not enjoy the typical rice and black beans, ropa vieja, yucca with garlic sauce that are other specialties of Villapol book?

In the same way, she taught us how to use everything in the kitchen, the spare meat, as well as to become viands in a delicious dessert. She used to contribute instantly to the nutritional information, to educate each person to elaborate healthy dishes at home, with less fat, something that was not distinctive at the beginning of the culinary customs in the island.

She demonstrated us the way to reinvent each dish is unique, we will remember her forever and the selection of her recipes will continue being a legacy for the Cuban food, that changed the alimentary habits. Nitza Villapol.


Nitza Villapol



La Cocina Cubana De Nitza Villapol


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