Tagar The work discusses the minor gods, the types of gods, and general information on the nature of Chaos. A beautifully illustrated collection of the previous Liber Chaotica colections, with added bonus material on Chaos Undivided; containing details of the Chaos Gods, their realms and minions and including stories and cautionary tales. Being an account of the dark secrets and arcane law of the most terible mysteries and hidden truths of the ruinous powers Warhammer. The dark shadows moving in the north are coalescing into a terrible shape.

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Long answer Containing the knowledge gathered by Richter Kless, it retains four volumes on each of the primary Chaos Gods. Examining their natures, forms, and champions, it combines the madness of a man gaining knowledge of beings beyond his comprehension with glimpses into aspects of Chaos which are often glossed over. Yet with all things involving Chaos, madness and half-truths dominate the pages, and you can never be wholly certain just what information can be relied upon.


Liber Chaotica: Complete edition

This book was a delight, written with concise detail accompanied by memorable art. Nov 04, Mohammed rated it clmplete was amazing. They are pure fluff Lists with This Book. Space Marine, Eldar, Codex usw. Nils Krebber rated it it was amazing Ediition 26, The Liber Chaotica also provides liber chaotica complete edition related to the Warhammer In his spare time he is a theatre director and actor. Soft back — Good Condition see pics.


Liber Chaotica


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