Prime opere[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Zweig scrisse le sue prime poesie, influenzate da Hugo von Hofmannsthal e Rainer Maria Rilke , mentre frequentava ancora il liceo. Il tema biblico significava per lui anche una riscoperta delle sue radici ebraiche. Nello stesso anno la raccolta di miniature storiche Sternstunden der Menschheit. Vierzehn historische Miniaturen [8] Momenti fatali. Quattordici miniature storiche raggiunse una tiratura di Nel venne pubblicata la collezione di biografie Dichter ihres Lebens Casanova, Stendhal, Tolstoj.

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A brilliant recreation of life in Nazi Germany. A fascinating social history 3. Must reading 4. Read the major works first. A Homage to Paul Celan Between the wars Sex and the City redone in the Weimer Republic A panoramic view of the Weimer Republic Joseph Roth.

The event really motivated me to read some great literature. I will do a close out post probably tommorow but I offer my great gratitude to the Hosts for their hard work and support.

Stefan Zweig is one of my favorite authors. Sometimes he may be melodramatic but he can tell a great story and has tremendous cultural depth. He is entertaining, not for nothing was he once the most translated German language writer. The center piece of the story is a mentally challenged woman who works as helper in the house of a Baron. The Baron married his wife for her money, once married he resumed the ways of a dissolute playboy bachelor. He was so uninterested in his wife the marriage was never consummated.

The wife is bitter over how she is treated, she tries to get back at her husband by withholding money from him but he gets around this. One day one of his temporary loves, a young opera student refers to the helper as his "Leporella", a reference to a lover of Don Giovanni in the Mozart Opera and soon he starts to call her that.

She falls in love with the Baron when he gives her a trivial gift and even begins to procure girls for him. I found that aspect of the story especially fascinating. It was as if Leporella was vicariously having sex with the Baron. She is presented as completely without sexual qualities, fit just to work. Needless to say this does not work out well!

This is a look at a bitter world.


Leporella (relato)

Biography[ edit ] Stefan Zweig standing in Vienna with his brother Alfred, circa Zweig was born in Vienna , the son of Moritz Zweig — , a wealthy Jewish textile manufacturer, and Ida Brettauer — , a daughter of a Jewish banking family. Zweig studied philosophy at the University of Vienna and in earned a doctoral degree with a thesis on "The Philosophy of Hippolyte Taine ". Religion did not play a central role in his education. Yet he did not renounce his Jewish faith and wrote repeatedly on Jews and Jewish themes, as in his story Buchmendel. Zweig married Friderike Maria von Winternitz born Burger in ; they divorced in As Friderike Zweig she published a book on her former husband after his death. Work[ edit ] Zweig was a prominent writer in the s and s, befriending Arthur Schnitzler and Sigmund Freud.


Stefan Zweig



Leporella (Stefan Zweig)


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