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Pourquoi vous fascinent-ils autant? On trouve beaucoup de personnages comme lui dans le monde actuel. Je vois trop de personnages comme celui-ci dans le monde politique actuel. Quel s filtre s utilisez-vous?

Je ne serai jamais alpiniste! Et vous Lois, que lisez-vous? Il faudra attendre pour un nouveau livre. Je ne sais pas exactement combien de temps. Du moins en ce moment. Could you please introduce yourself and tell me a little more about your literary world?

But I have also been a writer all my life, at least since I was eight or nine and began to treasure books and words and stories. I live alone with a dog and I value my solitude but I also have many friends and travel frequently.

I have always been an observant person and I think that my work arises out of observations coupled with introspection. I seem always to have stories in my head.

Not all of them find their way to the page. But some are there waiting, I think! Therefore many readers have been able to read your books this month. I wonder if readers are aware that the book they read, even though it might bear my name as author, is not the same book I wrote. They bring so much of themselves to what they read…their own experiences and ideas and beliefs. So every book is new, and individual.

Both of these books, though they are quite different from each other, are about young people trying to change the world for the better. That, I think, is my main interest as a writer. Both books have been adapted to the stage, and it is fascinating to see those plays performed in different theaters, with different directors deciding on costumes and scenery and directions. I thoroughly enjoy turning over my words to other creative people and to watch what happens.

How important are those topics to you? I have always been fascinated by these two concepts: memories and dreams…I think because they are among the only things that are unique to us as individuals. No one else … even if you have an identical twin…has the same memories you do. Or the same dreams.

To explore those is to explore your own self. It is a book about free will and individuality. If you were to write this book now in would you handle those topics any differently? I might. The year-old boy, for example, who had been afraid to come out as gay, and who felt lonely and frightened…until he read about the boy named Jonas who decided to move beyond the restrictions of his world in order to find happiness and honesty. And so many others. Each of them makes me re-think the book, how I might have more deeply explored some of the issues within it.

Is this an absolute requirement in order to reach young readers? Since I am writing for a young audience I think it important always to direct a book toward a potentially happy ending. But at the same time I owe them, I think, honesty about the things they will face. Among the many characters in your books: — Which one resembles you most? I am always the character who is curious, searching, looking for ways to make things better.

When I am myself 80! Each book will always have an antagonist, a villain, as it were. His specialty is nurturing and encouraging the worst in people, in rewarding them for self-interest. I see too much of that in the world of politics these days.

I love all my main characters…they are is what hold my interest when I am writing. Here There are difficulties with every character, and overcoming those is the challenge and the joy for a writer.

We can feel the photographer behind the writer when we read your books. Your writing is very visual. You seem to pay attention to many details such as colours. How do you look at things when you are writing a book? Do you look at the world through a camera? What are the most important points?

Do you have your own way of looking at things? Human connections are at the heart of your work. They are at the heart of all books indeed. I am currently working on a book that focuses on the relationship between a young age 11 girl and an elderly woman. The relationship between a mother and child is also one that I am passionate about, and that appears most profoundly in my book SON. According to you, what are the essential human relationships you need to tell about when you want to reach young readers?

Are you ready for a quick Chinese quiz? I will never be a mountain climber! What kind of books do you read yourself? When will your next book come out? But will be a while until a new book. Having been widowed five years ago…and even at 80 years old…suddenly there is a romance in my life! And so I am spending a lot of time with a dear man, a retired physician, instead of writing, at least for now. One last question: could you tell me about your public appearance, signing sessions, book fairs, etc.

See my last answer! I have very little on the calendar, bookwise, at the moment. I am going on a trip to northern Spain in October. Just vacation, no speeches or booksignings. Propos recueillis par Emilie Bonnet Bienvenue sur le blog de Collibris. Bonnes lectures.


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