Awareness about global warming, income concentration, destruction of life in our seas, petroleum depletion and other threatening catastrophes can no longer be avoided, we need more efficient forms of economic and social organization. Economic power has become the central element of political decision making and the power of the media also relies on corporations. Under these conditions, to limit democracy to its political expression is becoming increasingly less realistic, rendering us even more skeptical. For politics once again to make sense, we have to evolve to a more democratic concept of the economy itself.

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Ladislau Dowbor — Nada se compara ao parasita brasileiro — Outras Palavras — 2p. Duzentos homens engordam suas imensas fortunas, sem nada produzir. Como nos livraremos deles? Participa gente de primeira linha mundial.

Dowbor — Economia do Conhecimento — PulsarCom — podcast — 40min. Projeto Brasil Popular — Cadernos de debate 4 — Outubro de — 76p. Numerosos pesquisadores participam. Ladislau Dowbor — A economia desgovernada: novos paradigmas — 14 de outubro de — 19p. Aqui apontamentos sobre novos rumos. Divirta-se 46 min. The Ten Commandments: update for elites — — 6p. We imagined an updated version of the Ten Commandments, for the world has changed, and just telling us not to kill, nor to steal or covet our neighbours wife, is presently missing the essential, and in fact not widely respected.

We have to come down to earth. Dowbor — Whatever happened to Brazil? The age of dumb money and dumb politics — aug — 18p. With no deficit and very low inflation, and all in spite of the turbulence of the crisis. Presently Dilma has been ousted, and Lula is in jail. No crime was ever proved against either. Starting in , when the old oligarchies took over, the economy is stalled, unemployment has doubled, the Amazon is being cut down, child mortality is growing.

And, of course, also in the name of God, family values, tradition and fatherland. In the present paper we draw up the main lines of how good politics went down the drain.

Jacek Zakowski Org. Enfim, nada que nos seja hoje estranho. The common concern is the deep deformation of political processes around the world, with right-wing populist regimes taking over in Poland, Brazil, US and other countries. My paper here is about Our Common Challenges. The world has changed. By this I mean a systemic transformation, not some cosmetic adjustments to the industrial capitalism we thought of as the definitive way of life. The complete book, Concilium Civitas Almanac is online in English, and both online and as paper-book in Polish.

The papers are short and focused, a strong overview of our transformations.

BS EN 755-2 PDF

Ladislau Dowbor – explicando o capitalismo do século XXI e propondo soluções



Ladislau Dowbor






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