The present volume is the third in a series of translations of articles from Kvant published by the American Mathematical Society; they all appeared in the Mathematical World series, as volumes 14, 15, and 17 respectively. The articles in this volume are mainly on subjects from combinatorics and discrete mathematics. They are written mainly for very motivated high school students, interested in challenging problems and in getting ready for mathematical competitions. As such, they do not require a substantial mathematical background, but they certainly contain nontrivial material. The book is designed to be used by undergraduate students, as well as high school students and teachers interested in mathematical problems beyond the curriculum, problems that are both fun and challenging.

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One fine outgrowth of that tradition is the magazine, Kvant, which has been enjoyed by many of the best students since its founding in The articles in Kvant assume only a minimal background, that of a good high school student, yet are capable of entertaining mathematicians of almost any level. However, the industrious reader will be generously rewarded by the elegance and beauty of the subjects. This book is the third collection of articles from Kvant to be published by the AMS.

The volume is devoted mainly to combinatorics and discrete mathematics. Several of the topics are well known: nonrepeating sequences, detecting a counterfeit coin, and linear inequalities in economics, but they are discussed here with the entertaining and engaging style typical of the magazine. The two previous collections treat aspects of algebra and analysis, including connections to number theory and other topics.

They were published as Volumes 14 and 15 in the Mathematical World series. The articles are written so as to present genuine mathematics in a conceptual, entertaining, and accessible way. The books are designed to be used by students and teachers who love mathematics and want to study its various aspects, deepening and expanding upon the school curriculum.

DA FORM 2408-17 PDF

Kvant Selecta: Algebra and Analysis, I

Member feedback about Tangential quadrilateral: This is a gift Learn more. The volumes are designed to be used by students and teachers who love mathematics and want to study its various aspects, thus deepening and expanding the school curriculum. Advanced high school and undergraduate students interested in mathematics; mathematics teachers in high schools and colleges. Semenov Best bet for simpletons by P. InKolmogorov and Alexandrov were involved in the persecution of their common teacher Nikolai Luzin, in the so-called Luzin affair. Ovsienko Polynomials having least deviation from zero by S.


Kvant Selecta: Combinatorics, I


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