The shift is beginning. Norberto Keppe. Free energy. In his landmark book, The New Physics , Keppe outlined the basis for a new physics that transcends completely the postulates of Newton and Einstein, and even the proposals coming from quantum physics.

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According to Keppe, the process is actually the opposite, meaning that matter comes from a previous, primary energy called Essential Energy, which is infinite and exists everywhere in the entire universe. Seeing is believing, so why not have your own Keppe Motor Kit to assemble and see how amazing Keppe Motor is? This free energy motor is the very basics to a revolutionary idea that can transform the world of renewable energy.

This is a must read for anyone interested in the scientific basis behind this revolutionary Motor. The Manual also contains a number of experiments that you can conduct with this version of the Keppe Motor. Keppe Motor uses 5 times less energy than a conventional electric motor because it captures Scalar Energy from space renewable energy. The STOP Association has decided to release this technology to the world in the hopes that many interested individuals will contribute to the study and development of this landmark technology.

Build and test your very own Keppe Motor and contribute to the development of the Motor. An excellent gift for young people to teach them the new principles behind capturing energy that make this such a revolutionary technology.

The idea of cheap and accessible energy renewable energy is here and now. Imagine all our appliances, TVs, radios, computers, refrigerators, freezers, etc, running on this renewable energy. Keppe Motor Manual 1. Its numerous applications range from small fans and ceiling fans to water pumps run by solar panels. A group of Brazilian scientists from the group STOP the Destruction of the World, have been developing a new motor dubbed the Keppe Motor that they think could be harnessing scalar energy from space.

Up until now, they have been been reporting increasing efficiency, providing the same output while drawing less and less input energy.

The design is based on Dr. According to the theory set forth in The New Physics, Keppe states that electricity comes from a primordial form of energy called Essential or Scalar Energy. This Energy contains two components, action and complementation.

The Keppe Motor works with both components of Essential Energy, thus increasing its efficiency. It is said to utilize bi-directional, resonant energy. They have produced a manual and a kit available for purchase via an online affiliate program to enable people to replicate this design.

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