Empirical knowledge can be taught, described and discussed. Conceptual axiomatic knowledge cannot, states Kena Upanishad. Pure, abstract concepts are learnt and realized instead wherein it mentions that the highest reality is Brahman. We know not, we understand not, how one would teach it? Other is it indeed than the known, and more over above the unknown.

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May Brahman protect us both the preceptor and the disciple! May Brahman bestow upon us both the fruit of Knowledge! May we both obtain the energy to acquire Knowledge! May what we both study reveal the Truth! May we cherish no ill feeling toward each other! By whose will directed does the mind proceed to its object?

At whose command does the prana, the foremost, do its duty? At whose will do men utter speech? Who is the god that directs the eyes and ears? Having detached the Self from the sense-organs and renounced the world, the Wise attain to Immortality. We do not know It; we do not understand how anyone can teach It.

It is different from the known; It is above the unknown. Thus we have heard from the preceptors of old who taught It to us. Therefore Brahman, even now, is worthy of your inquiry. He among us who knows the meaning of "Neither do I not know, nor do I know"-knows Brahman.

It is not known by those who know It; It is known by those who do not know It. If he does not know It here, a great destruction awaits him. Having realised the Self in every being, the wise relinquish the world and become immortal. They said to themselves: "Verily, this victory is ours; verily, this glory is ours only.

But they did not know who that adorable Spirit was. Find out who this great Spirit is. Brahman asked him: "Who are you? But the Spirit disappeared from him. Then Indra beheld in that very region of the sky a Woman highly adorned. She was Uma, the daughter of the Himalayas. He approached Her and said: "Who is this great Spirit? Through the victory of Brahman alone have you attained glory.

The seeker, by means of the mind, communes with It intimately again and again. This should be the volition of his mind. All creatures desire him who worships Brahman thus. I have certainly told you the Upanishad about Brahman. Truth is Its abode.


Kenopanishad Malayalam





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