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Posted: 04 April at am Friends of speakers plans. After I placed the publication to consult about the TR or the SR I was two or three days without internet service and I could not see their recommendations on time. When I made the decision I thought that no matter how bad they were, there were 12 Midbass units of 15 inches to 8 ohms, instead of 4 units of 15 inches to 4 ohms. I also did not think they were so bad because I have friends who have the JBL JRX who use the same M components and have behaved quite well, the only complaint of them is in relation to the h highs that are very delicate and burn with certain ease.

Finally upon receiving the shipment of the boxes I was able to confirm that the material from which they are built is very bad. There are 4 of them that have very crumbled the wooden top of the floor, the material is falling apart and there are 3 that the diffusers are not adjusted, but they are not fixed with screws it seems that they were put under pressure in the box in the process of building.

So I decided to build some new acoustic boxes for these components and I wanted to hear your opinion about it. I find myself hesitant between building 6 equal boxes, dual 15 inch using two drivers in each box instead of just one and keeping their crossovers, or instead making a new three-way boxes project using also 12 lower media that I have 12 inches, 8 of them are FANE model Colossus 12MB and 4 of them are BOHEM model PB, that are similar in the chassis to the FANE and also have 3-inch coil as the FANE but are of lower power and the frequency range is difference and the sensitivity also It is less.

So I was thinking of two options: A Build 6 Boxes using the same components of the TR in new boxes with the necessary liters and instead of using a single driver use two H placed in series to reaches 16 Ohmns and can have more protection.

And build additional 6 Boxes with low media of 12 inches each with two 12 midbass and two drivers. Or build 8 boxes only with the FANE media and two drivers each type array. My idea would be that if at some point I have to cover a large outdoor event, something like 4, or 8, people, I should have the capacity to attend it, and at the same time I can also use these speakers in the simplest events. Something that is compact that is not so big and that does the job.

Here I show you some designs to listen to your opinions A thousand thanks again friends Audio Fanatics, Bass lover.


JBL SR4735X Technical Manual

Four speakers total! The system has been fully tested and everything sounds great. Google the cabs for all the technical info if you need it. These are for local pickup in Marshfield.


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