Luckily thanks to the flexibility of JasperReports this can easily be achieved. There are some small limitations, which we will review, however for the most part this is an easy and effective technique to give you very advanced functionality in the server. Whats the difference? JasperDesign represents the report design in a "editable" meaning there are a lot of setters available to modify the state JasperReport also represents the report design, however it has been compiled and validated and is ready use with the JasperFillManager to create a JasperPrint object. The JasperReport object has less setters available making it more difficult to change its state after it has been created. To see how to create a JasperPrint please review this: The issue with creating a JasperPrint object is there is not a clean way to add this functionality to the server.

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Each band can include multiple staticText and textField elements, which are given a position, size, and value. For example, the following lines in the page footer section create a textField containing the current page number. In most cases, you create a JasperDesign from an XML report template, though you can also create it programmatically. JasperReport: Represents a compiled JasperDesign. The compilation process verifies the report design and compiles the design into a JasperReport object.

JasperPrint: Represents a generated report. You create a JasperPrint from a JasperReport through the fill process in which a report is populated with data from a data source. You can print reports to a printer, an image, or a PDF file. The JasperReports library includes a facade class, dori. JasperManager, with methods that facilitate loading, compiling, filling, and printing reports. Reports the easy way In this article, you learned how the open source JasperReports can aid your Java reporting needs.

If you are building a reporting application or looking to add reporting capability to an existing application, look at JasperReports. Visit the JasperReports homepage for more information and download the latest version. Swenson specializes in Java development using open source software and components.

He developed the JasperEdit and OpenReports open source projects. Learn more about this topic Find the JasperReports homepage at.


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Viewing and printing of the Jasper documents will be discussed in this chapter and exporting will be discussed in the next chapter i. It is a swing based component and other Java applications can integrate this component without having to export the documents to other formats in order to be viewed or printed. The net. JRViewer class represents this visual component. This class can also be customized as per the application needs, by sub classing it.


How to Programmatically Create Reports In JasperReport Server


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