Tuzshura Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. About Sher Singh RAna. It begins on the day of his escape from Tihar and goes back and forth in time describing his childhood in small-town India, the beginning of his political career during college days, his induction into Eklavya Sena through which he was introduced to Phoolan, his days as a liquor vendor in Haridwar, and his nerve-wracking adventures as someone who broke one of the highest security prisons in Asia to pursue what, to his mind, was an act of honour. Flowing text, Original pages. Jail Diary Hindi eBook: Sher Singh Rana: : Kindle Store I read the whole book in a short span as the each chapter connects with the next and makes you hungry to know the suspense. What he did to bring the remains of King Prithviraj Jali je, the extreme dare and courage shown by Mr.

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He is an Social activist, best known for two respectful works. Which were in Afghanistan and was highly disrespected by afghans. When Police asked Phoolan devi to surrender , she gave the following Conditions to surrender - She would not get the death penalty Her gang members should not get more than eight years in jail Her brother should be given a government job Her father should receive a plot of land Her entire family should be escorted by the police to her surrender ceremony and so strange but true , Government agreed on all those conditions ,hence Phoolan surrendered.

Phoolan Devi criminal charges Got jailed , Phoolan Devi was charged with 48 crimes, including 30 charges of dacoity banditry and kidnapping.

But after some year she was finally released on parole in after persuasion by Vishambhar Prasad Nishad The Government of Uttar Pradesh, led by Mulayam Singh Yadav, withdrew all the cases against her. Even after doing so many crimes, she become Member of the Indian Parliament. On 25 July Sher Singh Rana in Tihar Jail The second great thing was when it came to his knowledge in the jail that the grave of Hindu Samrat Prithviraj Chavan was being insulted by hitting shoes before entering the tomb of Mahmud Ghazni.

After touring Kandahar, Kabul and Herat, he finally reached Ghazni. On the outskirts of Ghazni, at a small village called Deak, he claimed to have found the tomb of Muhammed Ghori. Here is a Picture of Shaheed Smarak of those 20 innocent men of Behmai who were killed on the order of the dacoit Phulan devi.


Dalit man’s death in UP puts spotlight on Phoolan Devi’s killer and his rise as a Thakur icon

Rana is the prime accused in the Phoolan Devi murder case. Rana is the prime accused in the murder of the Bandit Queen Phoolan Devi. In this book, he gives a personal account of his life, from events in his childhood to the prison break that occurred many years later. It was in the year that Phoolan Devi, who had just turned politician, was shot near her residence in New Delhi. Of the three persons accused of committing the crime, one was Sher Singh Rana. He had allegedly surrendered to the police in Dehradun and accepted the charge. He said he murdered Phoolan Devi to avenge the killings of 22 persons who died at her hands at Behmai.


जेल-डायरी: तिहाड़ से काबुल-कंधार तक

A group of women wailed and beat their chests, mourning the mysterious death of Sachin Walia. The family claims that Sachin Walia was shot dead by Thakurs celebrating the birth anniversary of Rajput king Maharana Pratap. In Uttar Pradesh, Rajput and Thakur are roughly synonymous terms. He was arrested two years later and is currently out on bail. It has caused a political storm: Sachin Walia, 25, was the brother of Kamal Walia, the Saharanpur district chief of the assertive Dalit organisation known as the Bhim Army. Sher Singh Rana is so popular, songs have been written about him and tee-shirts with his face on it are being sold on the internet.

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