This was a good erotica anthology. Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification eg. Their first encounter is just too too funny. There was one scene lback had me laughing so hard I almost had tears in my eyes. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. In any other way I would have rolled my eyes at the absurdity but I naugghty how she set it up.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Three short stories and in my book they went from worst to best in order.

The Barbarian is a Viking who is attacking the keep that the very fair Lady Elen of Goderart is living in. Her father died a year before by the hands of the Vikings and now her remaining brothers are battling it out to save their home and their lives. Not content to let the boys battle it out and it looks like perhaps loose the fight Lady Elen decides to get in the fray. The Barbarian Ivar is his name-o Three short stories and in my book they went from worst to best in order.

The Barbarian Ivar is his name-o admires this fiery blond wench - even though her efforts cost him 10 men. The Vikings flee the battle with their wounded only to come back a few days later and capture everyone.

This story had such potential - the set up was great. I found myself snorting at the book and rolling my eyes. The fearful ruthless Viking was a pussy and the Lady Elen was kind of a dork - and not in a good way. I found myself trying to get through the story and hoping the next one would be better. Again with the snorts of disbelief - But let me reveal the premise of the story first.

Diane is a failed actress who decides to leave L. In need of money to do this she signs on for a Naughty Cruise. She will have to work naked the entire week while acting as a waitress or giving massages to the wealthy male clientele. As odds would have it - one of the 20 men booked on the cruise is her high school Nemesis Garrek Ennis. Now a successful pro football player - he teased and taunted Diane in High School and made life hell. Yeah - What are the odds? Anyway - I give this story credit for being a Naughty Love Boat.

But honestly the story was kind of limp. I had a hard time caring about them hooking up and it would have been nice if there was a "two years later" ending on this so you could see them together living happily ever after.

As is it I felt the end lacked a bit. Naughty Nancy. Nancy is an uptight attorney who gets sucked into a different world. Sadly she is dropped in a nest on a mountain top wearing nothing but the sword from her Xena Warrior Princess costume. I never thought I was one for hot human on Gargoyle action - but this was a pretty hot little story.

If you see this in a bargain bin I would say pick it up - it would be worth it for the last story.


Trek Mi Q'an Series



Jaid Black - USA Today Bestselling Author of Adult Fiction



Strictly Taboo




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