Shit, is that Carli? Right in front of everyone? And yet, and yet Christ, you make me so erect. Gimme love, gimme love, gimme love.

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Where have you been? In just 24 hours, Malia had pretty much broken me and Simon, so in a way I had to admire Jay and Neil as they rolled up the sleeves on their offensive T-shirts and dived straight back in. Money is all I need. Go on Pussay Patrol! I was really enjoying my book, blissfully unaware of the crudely drawn phallus burning itself onto my skin.

Well, when you think about it He often works alongside his writing partner Iain Morris. What have I done? Why should we move? Anyone fancy joining me? Burnley can fuck off. Scripr on your face? I think we should break up. Dads are like arseholes. For total, one million per cent. Oh, just shut up, Will! What was he, a barman or a waiter? Largely because they will be going away to different schools in the fall, Carli breaks up with him.

Glad to be of service. Plus, it only happened two years ago. Um, did I say I was worried? I live in suburban London. But not too much fun. Christ, Neil, sript about Nicole? You all right, Jay? All right, thank you, Jay. Well, I am not, and you will be fine.

Carli is here, Will. If I can get enough money together, I can buy a ticket for the boat party off someone, somehow, whatever it costs. Related Posts



Main cast[ edit ] The four main characters are seen in every episode as well as the and films. He is an unconventional hero — although he is generally the most intelligent and logical of the group, he is prone to making bad choices and his sarcasm occasionally leads to him making offensive and shocking statements. Will is diligent, mild-mannered and eager to get into a good university. However, he is shown to be romantically awkward, and pessimistic about his chances, due to his awareness of his lack of any kind of good looks or social grace. Simon Cooper Joe Thomas is the most cynical and hot-headed of the group, being prone to bouts of hysterical swearing at the slightest provocation — such as gentle goading, family rules, or even well-meaning advice — from his family or peers.


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Simon , who is at the University of Sheffield , is unhappy with his relationship with Lucy, who has become obsessive and abusive. Will is studying at the University of Bristol , but is regularly ostracised by the other students, whilst Neil is working full time in a bank and Jay is taking a gap year in Australia. When Neil and Simon visit Will at Bristol for the weekend, Neil receives an e-mail from Jay, who claims that he is now a top DJ at a popular nightclub in Sydney , living in a luxury mansion and having daily sex with multiple women, including celebrities such as Kylie and Dannii Minogue. Whilst at the night club, Will meets Katie; his "first love" from private school, who is backpacking whilst on a gap year. She invites Will to join her at Byron Bay , and he agrees. Thinking Simon asked her to marry him, she excitedly agrees. Byron Bay The next day, the four travel to a youth hostel in Byron Bay.

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