Better circulation of blood, lymph, and energy Improved removal of waste in the gut to create a healthier gut environment Bring the mind and emotions into a positive state This meditation method can be as simple as shaking the body to its own natural rhythm. It can also include tapping the lower abdomen to stimulate the important energy center there and to facilitate Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation in the body—the healthiest energy flow it can have. Regardless of the movements we make, Brain Wave Vibration involves three steps: Deliberately make vibrations. Let the entire body ride the rhythm. Follow the flow of energy. To do Brain Wave Vibration, we can stand, sit in a chair or sit on the floor in a half-lotus posture.

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Do Brain Wave Vibration for Depression December 13, Ilchi Lee According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the leading causes of disability, with approximately million people suffering with depression worldwide. Neurologically, we know that depression stems from the unhealthy activity of the neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain and body, which causes unhealthy patterns of brain waves.

Words are information; the sights, sounds, smells, and feeling of our environment are information; our internal dialogue is information. We can learn to choose to pay more attention to information that affirms our value and gives meaning to our lives than other kinds of information.

By knowing we are inherently precious, we can be happier and more peaceful. One of the easiest ways to fill our brains with positive, empowering information is through feeding it music, actions, and messages. When we listen to certain music or hear some encouraging information, our brain waves change.

Taking positive action is especially important. Yawning, laughing, dancing, singing, walking, meditating, etc. One simple and natural moving meditation that can combine music, actions, and messages is called Brain Wave Vibration. This action is best done to music especially rhythmic percussion music , and by setting a healing intention message before you begin.

Shake your shoulders and move your neck. Just focus on yourself and your movement. Now shake your hands like dancing. Your body will get warmer and warmer and will sweat. Do it proactively. Tap your chest with your hands and tap your whole body with your hands. Imagine your body is a drum. Tap your body faster. Now, stamp your feet. Move your whole body. Follow the rhythm. Then you can create healthy brain activity. Now breathe in and breathe out.

Rub your hands and swipe your face and neck. I think you may feel different now, even after only 3 minutes. Your body may feel more relaxed, your mind may feel more clear, and the world may look better to you. Choosing information that gives value and meaning to your life is the best medicine for depression. Receive weekly inspirational messages from Ilchi Lee: Your email johnsmith example. We keep your emails safe and do not share them.


Brain Wave Vibration



Do Brain Wave Vibration for Depression



Immunity Boosting Toolkit: Brain Wave Vibration


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