Was my LabScanXE doing the average of five readings or averaging the signal from the 5 flashes into a single reading? In simple terms the LabScan XE is averaging the signal from the 5 lamp Bursts into a single reading and the ColorFlex is using the signal from a single Burst of light. These bursts are of different time durations and the durations are sampled multiple times during the Analog to Digital conversion stage of the measurement. The goal is to minimize the difference that would occur when measuring the same specimen multiple times. These optical geometries have different efficiencies requiring levels of light, hence the different Bursts needed to achieve acceptable repeatability. The ColorFlexEZ can only report spectral reflectance from nm to nm in 10nm increments.

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The computer may have been user- provided or purchased with the sensor and software. A printer may also be used with the system. The ColorFlex Sensor The ColorFlex spectrocolorimeter is a versatile, compact color measurement instrument that can be used on products of virtually any size and in industries as diverse as paint and textiles.

Page 3 Accessories The following accessories are provided with the ColorFlex and can be found in the standards box. To attach the stand to the ColorFlex, lay the instrument on its side and install the two screws through the stand into the bottom of the instrument using the Allen wrench provided. The bar code reader, cable, and AC power supply may be purchased as optional equipment from HunterLab.

To assemble the bar code reader, follow the instructions below. Page 7 6. Enter the sample ID by swiping the bar code reader wand across the bar code. The instrument beeps after the ID is entered. When the datalog is printed to a serial printer, the bar code ID appears with each reading. Page 9 opaque cover. Measure the sample at the sample port through the glass bottom of the sample cup with the instrument in the port-up orientation.

Replace the 0. To use the orange juice tube holder, fill the 1-inch glass tube with orange juice and insert the tube into the tube holder from the top. Page 10 Calculations for the citrus scales are given in Appendix A. Wind the yarn around the skein holder in multiple taut layers until it is effectively opaque and is as flat as possible.

Secure it in place with the detachable arms on the sides of the skein holder. The serial printer sold by HunterLab is a dot matrix printer that operates at baud. The communications cable supplied with the printer must be used to connect the printer to the ColorFlex. Page Installation Installation The following instructions guide you through the initial installation of your ColorFlex system.

Unpack all cartons and remove wrappings and cable ties. Inspect for damage and notify the carrier and HunterLab immediately if any is discovered.

Save the packing materials in case it becomes necessary to return the instrument to the factory. Page 15 Standardizing the ColorFlex using the white tile Standardization can be done through the software or directly through the ColorFlex firmware.

It is recommended that the instrument be standardized at least once every eight hours. Page Maintenance Maintenance This section outlines the parts of the sensor you must maintain in order for the instrument to function properly. Notice: Do not disassemble the instrument and attempt to clean the optical components. When this procedure is performed, all setups will then be stored in non-volatile memory and will be safeguarded from loss due to memory failure. It is recommended that you store your setups in non-volatile memory on a regular basis.

In addition, the RS- cable may also be used to connect the ColorFlex with an optional bar code scanner. Note: Color plots, color difference plots, and spectral plots may only be printed on an HP- compatible printer. Your output device must be configured in the same way in order to communicate with ColorFlex. Note: Several baud rates are available with ColorFlex. Before connecting the communication cable to the instrument serial port, apply power to the instrument and the host computer.

Check the ground potential voltage between the serial port ground pins on the computer and the instrument. Page Regulatory Notice 7. Contact HunterLab Customer Support as described on page if the instrument fails the repeatability test. Note: Performance specifications are subject to change without notice. Page 23 Color Measurement Notes The ColorFlex spectrocolorimeter is a versatile color measurement instrument that can be used on products of virtually any size, in industries as diverse as paint and textiles.

Because of its compact design, it can be used to measure objects that would be difficult to position at the sample port of a larger color instrument. This manual is also suitable for:.


ColorFlex EZ Spektralphotometer



Spectrocolorimètre de paillasse compact ColorFlex EZ



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HunterLab ColorFlex EZ Spectrophotometer


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