No VAT features a There are also no compromises made when it comes to colour reproduction, with bright and vivid images on offer. Basic graphics Having said that, the x pixel resolution looks a little large on a machine of this size, and images could be sharper. Offset directional and peripheral keys make it easy to navigate a document without looking at the keyboard.

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The HP Compaq s appears to be a reasonable office notebook without ornaments designed for daily office work. Despite its low price, this But, the interfaces equipment covers only the minimum requirements.

Case The HP Compaq s has a typical business-look. Due to the decent and businesslike design there is no doubt that is is actually designed for businessmen and not for end customers. So, the design of the case is simple and clear without any ornaments. At the first glance the 2. Also the sparse interface equipment contributes to this impression.

Whilst most notebooks provide many interfaces close to each other, the up to three and a half centimetre high flanks of the s are sparsely populated with interfaces. Although there would be, e. This way the s cannot conceal its dull case. Its in vain to look for big gaps, yielding parts, surfaces which are sensible to scratches.

This notebook easily stands all our test, even lifting the notebook at the front edge does not cause any deformations or even creaking noises. So, it could be an exemplary in terms of case stability for clearly more expensive notebooks by some other manufacturers.

This solid design gets most obvious at the lid. Even applying a lot of force at the outside does not cause any changes on the displayed pictures of the sensible LCD. The hinges hold the lid tight without any see-saw after adjusting the displays position. They can even securely support each position on a bumpy train ride.

Interface Equipment The sparse interface equipment conforms to the low price of the reviewed notebook. Furthermore, this notebook is equipped with a LAN and a modem port. This notebook cannot handle any memory cards without additional peripherals. Firewire is also missing. Furthermore, a supplement battery, which can about double the battery runtime, can be attached to the bottom side of the notebook.

Bluetooth 2. These are reserved for the better equipped Compaq b, whose interface equipment includes among other 4 USB ports, a docking port, FireWire, and a memory card reader. The HP s is no exception regarding this aspect. The keyboard layout is clearly structured. The hot keys at the right side are clearly separated from the big enter-key and all keys feel nice to the touch. To summarize, the keyboard allows a fast and easy typing.

The key feedback is rather firm, but, clear. The keyboard area does not yield when typing. However, you might need some time to get used to the very hard feedback and to the feel of the comparably rather simple materials. The touch pad is some millimetres lower than the surrounding case, and its borders clearly separate it from the palm rest areas.

The according buttons work silently, but, their key travel is long, so, the feedback is not very clear. A reflecting BrightView panel is available as alternative. According to the manufacturer the BrightView panel has more vivid colours and a better contrast and is, therefore, especially designed for multimedia use. Nevertheless, the display is good considering the price category. Colour representation and saturation are average, the brightness is sufficient for outdoor usage and the picture even hardly blurs, when watching films.

However, contrast and illumination are rather moderate. If you display a white picture you can recognize with the naked eye that the picture gets clearly darker the nearer the left edge. Some clouds can be seen along all four edges.

Dark pictures appear to be rather light grey than black especially in the lower part of the screen.


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