Mikajind This bunk bed set comes with two wooden slatted bed bases. The drawers are set on castors so they can easily be rolled out from under the bed. Basket 0 items — Total: The bunk bed set can also be adapted into two full-size single beds at a later date, which allows you the versatility that a growing family may need. This wonderful Bunk Bed Matti is manufactured in Germany entirely from Solid Beechwood, and has everything your little one needs, not one but two Skribbelino II yellow Price: Larger than standard single beds, Haba Matti Beds take a cm wide mattress, giving much more wriggle room for your growing child and even enough room to lie beside them for a bedtime story. This unique desk is height adjustable from There are currently no product reviews. Haba Matti Wall Mirror This adorable wall mirror with a solid beech frame features two swivel arms that can be used to hang accessories, clothing or Anderson Desk is a trendsetter that combines modern, classic design with a hint of nostalgic charm.

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Younger children will love the extra support from the detachable foot rest. This desk can also be pushed up to bedsides; the base of the frame fits right under the bed. With the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair , kids can have secure seating for their room and also a great solution for the classroom. This ball chair offers children a good posture seating and makes it easy for a child to focus and concentrate on school or at home while accomplishing daily homework tasks.

Its pneumatic height adjustment system takes the frustration out of customizing your home office experience. Keep things mobile using the five caster wheels that let you switch from task to task with no interruption.

As well as a seat and tabletop which can be raised, the large desktop surface can be tilted for easy writing: cleverly, the top has 1 inch tilt stoppers so that children can adjust it themselves without danger of trapping their fingers.

Made from tough metal alloy rather than flimsy plastic, the Vivo Desk-and-Chair set can stand up to a lot of rough-and-tumble. The SumSum Kids Desk is made from eco-friendly hardwood that is easy to clean and toxin-free. SumSum is appropriate for kids ages Although no seat cushion is present, the seat does conform to the students body to provide firm support. The seat stays firmly in place thanks to anti-slip floor caps while still remaining portable at 14 pounds.

Rather than let them continue to slump, why not give them this corrective kneeling chair? This ergonomic Child Posture Correction Chair uses a kneeling position to encourage a straight spine and proper alignment. The Adjustable Desk Chair for Kids is available in nine different colors. The Oh! Kids Adjustable Height Desk grows with your child, as well as providing a sit-stand desk to help stretch legs sore from sitting too much. Each chair can sustain up to pounds, so even older children or some adults can sit with smaller children at the table when helping them learn or play.

Accessories include a desk drawer, hanging drawer, and desk ottoman on wheels that also includes drawers. ProHT Kids Interactive Work Station Both the desk and chair have adjustable height, and the desktop can be lifted from totally flat to 40 degrees.

Kids can use the desk standing or seated, as the tilting top makes it easy to get comfortable in any position. The ProHt Kids Interactive Work Station is especially suitable for creative kids, as it comes with handy features like pen grooves and magnet rules to hold a roll of paper in place. Not only does it allow for height adjustment, but the length is adjustable as well. With this feature, you can fit it across beds and armchairs, as well as sofas.

A one-touch pneumatic handle allows you to adjust the height and the seat has full o rotation, with five sturdy wheels for mobility. Though aimed at kids, it supports up to lbs and is also suitable for adults. Learniture Active Learning Stool For the kid who is always moving and cannot sit still comes a seat just for them.

Whether they want to bounce up and down or swivel their hips while they work, this Active Learning Stool provides the over-active and energy-filled child with something to tame their cravings of movement while allowing them to sit and do their work. Perfect for a child that does not enjoy sitting still. The seat height and depth are both easily adjustable to accommodate growth spurts, so the chair itself is suitable from around two years old all the way to the teenage years.

The desktop is split in two, with one side staying flat for storage and the other rising up to 60 degrees to make the perfect writing angle for right-handed children. Eurosports Kids Desk Chair This desk chair was designed with the heart of a child in mind. You can raise the chair as your child Fgreengrows thanks to the pneumatic height adjustment system. Moll Scooter Swivel Chair The Moll Scooter swivel chair is adjustable in every conceivable way: the height, seat depth, and backrest angle can all be individually customized for total comfort.

The seat is an investment which will keep children comfortable from around the age of 5 until adulthood — at its maximum size, the chair can comfortably seat a large man. The basic model comes with a mesh seat and back, but you can order cushions and covers from a range of two dozen different colors.


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