Ghost Beach Go Eat Worms! It was first published in Obsessed with worms? Todd is so fascinated with worms, he keeps a worm farm in his basement! Most of all, Todd loves torturing his sister and her best friend with worms. Dropping them into their hair.

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Shelves: halloween-bingo This was a short read. However, this book is going to have me avoid the buggers for a while. Pre-teen Todd is obsessed with worms. He has a worm house in his basement and when it rains he digs for worms along with his only friend Danny.

After Todd who is a jerk goes around torturing his sister by throwing worms on her and putting them in her food. After a disastrous science fair, Todd starts to think the worms are turning on him after he This was a short read. After a disastrous science fair, Todd starts to think the worms are turning on him after he maliciously cuts one in half and notices the other worms staring at him.

Todd sucked. I actually was pretty happy with the ending, because the kid was dancing near almost a psychopath. I really felt for his sister Regina who kept having to deal with his "pranks" and him getting away with things. When Todd started to unravel it seemed like he was going to learn his lesson, but not so much.

When Todd tries to solve hr mystery of why worms are appearing all around him you start to feel a bit sorry for him, but of course that gets negated because he is seriously a jerk. I thought the writing was okay. Also the ending reminded me of a book I read as a kid where a collector had the tables turned on him as well. The flow was meh. Probably because the book focuses on the science fair competition and it made it out to be this big thing and it kind of fizzled in the end.

The setting of Ohio I recall intrigued me as a kid, because it felt so far away to me. This was around the same time when Eerie, Indiana was on and that show scared the life out of me so Goosebumps and that show were good companions. So Todd, the main character in this book, is a real asshole. He torments his little sister by dropping worms down her shirt and putting them in her food, he sabotages her science project with worms, he hates another kid at school because the kid likes playing with worms, too.

So I think he deserved what was coming to him. He starts to find worms in his bed, worms in his bath, worms in his sandwich. Are the worms seeking revenge? How can he make it stop? But there is a gigantic worm that lives below the baseball diamond and it DOES emerge and try to kill Todd. But it gets scared off. Does Todd learn anything from this experience? He then takes up the hobby of chloroforming and pinning butterflies. However, Stine hints that a giant butterfly is coming with a giant pin to take revenge Feel free to skip this one.


Go Eat Worms



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Go Eat Worms!




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