Faushakar Try changing the transparency of an object to 50 instead of turning its visibility off. The important thing to know is that, after installing Minex, you should set the local origin to a point near the centre of your deposit. To work on a gemckm plan or section, click its Graphics tab. The collection of gwmcom triangle shapes is stored in a triangle file. Requirements Before proceeding with this tutorial, you should ensure you have the following items: Rotate the wheel backwards to zoom out.

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Goltimuro Next, show shade contours for topography. To show the properties of the shortcut, right-click it and click Properties. If you have changed any files without saving them, you see a prompt to save those files. A words or phrase to which the author wants to give emphasis. Rotate the mouse wheel forward to zoom in ttuorial the pointer.

Set the Local Origin 5. To see where the pit triangle is above the tops triangle, display pit. The string appears black because it is selected. Create a Section Showing a Seam Cross-section c. The Mount Save dialogue box prompts you to enter a name for the mount. Triangles show surface data well; they are suitable for displaying open-pit bench surfaces where there are sharp discontinuities or breaks in the surface. Save and get parameters in any dialogue box. On the Seams tab select Model, and click Load Seams.

Opening Files To view the data such as geometry, grids, triangles, or boreholes and work with it, the first thing you need to do is to open the data file. Begin creating a plan mount from the lower left corner of the geometry to the upper right corner: However, for most types of file, you can show it in the Graphics window by right-clicking it and selecting Display. CopyrightGemcom Software International Inc. Blue areas are those where the pit is higher than the topography used to be.

You could think of a mount as a template, or a frame, that is in a specific geographical location. Create and Save Parameters 9.

So that you can see the mask above the topography, in this exercise you will specify an elevation of Now draft on the mount. When you rightclick a file, a menu displays the commands you can perform. Used to represent topography, seam floors, seam roofs and also to store seam thickness and quality attributes like ash or moisture. For such permission, or to obtain extra copies please contact your local Gemcom Office. If you display all the geometry data in a file, the Graphics window might appear cluttered.

Parameters are stored in a file with the. For more information about grids, see the About Modelling topic in the Minex help. Set up the String Create parameters as shown below and click Ok. GM3 and click Save Geometry File to save it. Therefore they can extend into the weathering and topography tuhorial and beyond into the atmosphere above topography.

As a single integrated solution, data and skills can be readily moved between teams at significant time and cost savings. TOP Related.


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