If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. You have to scroll, scroll and scroll your mouse again. How i have to get this book as soft copy. The series, which began with Head First Java intakes an freee, visually intensive approach to the process of teaching programming. Oct 01, Serdar Cetinkaya rated it it was amazing. I liked it and I recommend it!

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Shelves: technical I am a big fan of Kathy Sierra. I have read couple of books written by her. Very simple language and easy to understand programs. Simply awesome book. Sep 16, Shubham rated it really liked it Good on concepts, but it could be good if it could be updated for latest java versions or add appendix for the same. Aug 15, Nikhil rated it really liked it Good book with deep dive in to each concept.

Very helpful for Java certification aspirants Dec 15, Linh rated it it was amazing This book I taught myself programming out of it. Somehow it manages to teach to the test AND teach CS concepts incredibly thoroughly while being actually entertaining. It taught me what This book Those things work the same way in most modern languages. Heck, even the multithreading APIs are much the same. I hope the authors rework it into a general Java guide.

For my part, I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Java. Okay, my take while reading the book and doing the quizzes at the end of each chapter was that this had to be the most worthless certification on the planet. The quiz questions seemed more inclined to try to trick and misdirect than to really test anything of value, so I was pretty down on it as a result.

But I had committed to taking the exam, so I prepared anyway. I read the book twice and did all the questions at the end, studying the answers The book seems good at what it is designed for. I read the book twice and did all the questions at the end, studying the answers carefully. The real exam had virtually none of the dumb trickery that the practice stuff had. This is the book to read.

It tackles each of the 38 objectives of the exam in great detail and a very neatly-organized chapter structure. The book assumes no prior knowledge of the topics, just that you know your way around Java programming- compiling and running programs. Get that book.


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