Dispatched from the UK within 3 - 5 days Master one great rope trick and you will have a piece of magical entertainment that will serve you well for the rest of your life under almost any performing conditions. Rope Magic is the ultimate "packs small, plays big" effect. In The Award-Winning Rope Magic of Francis Tabary, not only will you learn the rope routine that won him the title of World Champion, but you will learn enough high-quality, stunning rope magic to keep you busy for a lifetime! He has used his F. To witness the finale of his act where one rope visibly melts into another is to see magic at its highest level. It is absolutely breathtaking!

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It is inherently visual, quite mysterious, and often fairly easy to master. You hardly need any patter, because rope is just so simple and visual. Look at Tabary, who won first place with this routine in a worldwide competition, and he hardly needs to speak at all to blow everyone away. The routine on the first volume is more than worth the price of the DVD. The DVD has a live performance in front of an audience, and watching Tabary do his stuff leaves your brain hurting. The other routines are also very good, though not quite as phenomenal, and at the very least provide extra effects to string into whatever routine you create.

This does not suck. Tabary teaches the tricks nicely, going slowly with different colored ropes. I sometimes wished he spoke a bit more English so he could explain things just a little more he really only uses a few words , but the visual is generally enough.

In short, I give this DVD a high recommendation. Ryan 4 of 4 magicians found this helpful. Did this review help you? The words Tabary uses are, of course, supplemented with camera descriptions. I found these to be excellent Each step of each routine is clearly and unambiguously shown several times and verbally described. His material is incredible. I was blown away. This routine is not out of the grasp of the average magician, but it is complex.

There is a lot of remember and it can get confusing at first, but once you have it down you will have a solid piece magic that is truly packs small, plays big. Disc 2 will add a variety of other rope routines to your arsenal. There is an incredible knot routine, a 3 rope routine and my favorite, the ring and rope routine. Not only is it mind boggling, but it also looks good.

If you were a real magician, doing real magic, this is what it would look like. That said, the instructions, when listened to, are horrid. It is very easy to transition between the tricks, since they, in general, start and end the same with sleight modifications which is even better for the audience.

Simply wonderful. I am interested in the ring and rope effect, but it is taking me alot of time to learn it, there are a couple other rope effects I like to, they to takes the time and patience to learn.

It is not one that you will learn easy, it is worth the money and time to learn.


Tabary Award Winning Rope- #1, DVD



The Award Winning Rope Magic of Francis Tabary


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