He had a good idea what demons were haunting her and wished there were some way for him to exorcise them for her. Avoiding a thorn, Leia wriggled her finger down the inside edge of a petal, then pulled it back with a definitive crack. Then a truly bspin thought occurred to her, and she smiled wickedly. She inhaled sharply and, for a dahs second, met his eyes. And had to control his own breathing when her breath came out in a vays whisper that became his name. A Galactic Standard Day consists of 20 fifty-minute hours.

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Therefore, when he called them to dinner and they found the table largely covered in generic spacer flasks, Leia regarded it warily while Chewie gleefully rubbed his hands together. Leia looked at him and wondered what harebrained idiocy he had thought up this time. Solo followed his example and Leia examined the contents of her cup suspiciously. Leia put her cup down and they both yelled at her. She wagged her finger at him. Solo looked from the princess to the cup he had filled for her, and then held up his finger as a delighted look of inspiration flashed across his face.

Leia sighed and passed her cup to Chewie, who promptly swallowed the contents, and then they both sat at the table. Solo reappeared a moment later and triumphantly placed a small shot glass in front of her.

Leia looked askance at Solo as he slid in beside her and he struggled to keep a straight face as he explained, lining up the cups one by one. Solo poured her half a glass from the first flask and pushed it towards her.

Leia shook her head. Finally, she sighed and picked up the small glass. Girding herself, she downed the contents in one gulp Solo cupped her face with one hand and regarded her affectionately. Leia simply glared. Unless they get it wrong of course. Then they have to drink. Solo grinned. Solo growled, "I knew I forgot something! You know the drill.

Yes, now! Chewbacca downed his cup and held it out for refilling while Leia contemplated hers and the rocket fuel that had been in her last glass. Finally, she drank it in one swallow. Expecting the worst, she was pleasantly surprised to find it extremely palatable. She leaned across to look at the flask.

Chewbacca and Solo downed their drinks and refilled their cups. There was silence. Solo looked askance of Chewie, who shrugged and downed the contents of his cup. Solo looked at Leia. Solo did likewise and then refilled their cups from a different flask. Did he promise to vote for you or something? Got voted in as Councillor for some minor sector on his homeworld and suffered ignominy on Coruscant.

He offered to relieve me of the terrible burden of my virginity. She smiled and said, "But roguishly handsome in a way that had women falling at his feet. Chewie barked impatiently and Solo agreed. It looked innocuous enough -some sort of dried fruit or vegetable. But with Solo one could never be sure. Whatever they were, they were heavily salted and entirely palatable. Solo used the pause in proceedings to put some background music on.

They did another round of questions, most of which Chewie answered, and, to her disgust, Leia only managed to answer one. As a result, she was feeling decidedly relaxed and light-headed.

When Solo brought out the main meal, Leia was surprised at her own voracious appetite and devoured the heavily spiced dish with gusto. And wondered what it was about Corellians and spicy food. She had almost finished when Solo gasped and both she and Chewie looked at him.

Leia smiled indulgently, "How long did you say those tapes were missing? Into the past, Leia thought. That was where songs always took her, and why she had stopped listening to them.

They brought back too many memories. Solo started singing along, his eyes half closed, as he wallowed in the pleasant familiarity and allowed the music to wash over him. He had a pleasant singing voice, she realised with some surprise, and watched entranced. Aware of her scrutiny, Solo opened his eyes and smiled at her and, without missing a beat of his song, redirected the words to her.

Leia smiled tolerantly, wishing he would have the grace to be a little embarrassed by the mushy lyrics, and feeling a little out of her depth. How the hell was one supposed to act in this sort of situation? They had never covered being sung to in her diplomatic training. Propositioned, courted, even proposals of marriage, but not being serenaded. Solo got to his feet and held his hand out to her, and she looked from it to him at a total loss as to what he expected of her now.

Leia shook her head but gave him her hand, feeling obliged and bewildered. She tensed as he pulled her closer and he murmured into her ear, "Relax. Feel the music.

Not the deep crooning of his voice or the feel of his breath across her ear. Not the warmth of one hand clasping hers, twining their fingers, and the other against her back, warm through the shirt she was wearing. The temptation to simply lose herself in his embrace was so powerful sometimes.

He was intoxicating. The song ended, followed by one with a completely different tempo, and Han and Leia, with unspoken agreement, disengaged and returned to the table. Two more rounds, and Leia was certain she had never laughed so much in her life. She knew she was drunk — very pleasantly so, but far from senseless. Solo had put something extra in the food no doubt: berrenigo if her appetite was anything to go by, and she wondered what an introspective Solo would be like.

He and Chewie had taught her every drinking game they could think of, and they had all swapped tall tales and true, but their last tale had left her laughing so hard she could hardly breathe, and had in fact reduced her to tears.

Leia wiped at her eyes as she struggled to stop, glanced at Solo and started laughing afresh through her sobs. A wave of grief flooded through her and she covered her face with her hands, seeking to quell it, to return to the laughter of a moment ago. Solo was still laughing and she tried to focus on the sound, desperate to rejoin the party, but felt as if she were suddenly sliding down a long black hole.

Goddess, no Looking at the princess laughing beside him, Solo felt certain he had never seen her laugh or relax like she had tonight, and decided that if he achieved nothing else on this erroneous journey, at least he had made her happy — if only for a little while. She was laughing helplessly into her hands, laughing so hard she was actually crying, and Solo, himself still laughing, reached out to rub her back. That was when he realised she had stopped laughing.

He frowned and leaned towards her, concerned. Chewbacca watched her go and barked angrily, [What did you do? She was sitting in his chair, sobbing. Chewbacca had never seen the Princess of Alderaan cry. He suspected no one had. Especially when she had seemed so happy only moments ago.

She looked up as he stepped into the cockpit, fearful, Chewbacca suspected, of finding Han in the hatchway, and seemed to relax a little when she realised it was him.

She sniffed and asked, "What do you want? It occurred to him that there was a good chance she had never let herself grieve for the life and family she had lost on that galaxy-changing day three years ago. Never let herself grieve the death of her home world. It would have been too crippling at the time, and she had needed to function to survive. Plus there would have been the lingering pain from her Death Star ordeal, all of which had to be addressed before she could let herself think about Alderaan.

So, in the most efficient way possible, Leia Organa had buried it all to the most hidden corners of her mind. Buried it deep with her feelings. And now the alcohol was letting those feelings out; forcing her to address them. Leia glared at him. Have even convinced yourself. Solo was slumped over the holotable and watched with impotent detachment as Leia fled past him towards the bunkroom and wondered what the hell his first mate could have said to her.

He struggled to get to his feet, uncertain whether he should yell at Chewie first or follow the princess. What the hell was wrong with her anyway? How did someone go from laughing and enjoying herself so thoroughly to the depths of despair? Chewbacca entered the hold and Solo turned to glare at him, noting that the Wookiee looked chagrined but unrepentant.

Then suddenly the room seemed to be spinning all around him. Solo groaned.


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Therefore, when he called them to dinner and they found the table largely covered in generic spacer flasks, Leia regarded it warily while Chewie gleefully rubbed his hands together. Leia looked at him and wondered what harebrained idiocy he had thought up this time. Solo followed his example and Leia examined the contents of her cup suspiciously. Leia put her cup down and they both yelled at her. She wagged her finger at him.



Taramar Then she felt his tongue cross her upper lip and was shocked out of her sudden passion. Solo glanced at the fading impression of her teeth on his shoulder then looked at her face. Stripped to his underpants, Solo paused to wonder what he should wear to bed, dayw looked at the sleeping form of the princess, wondering what she was wearing. Leia nodded and hastily wiped her mouth. He drew her body against his. Leia smiled, affectionately amused.

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