After downloading the appropriate installer for your system, simply run that EXE or DMG file, and follow the instructions given, in order to put the SeqGeq software platform onto your machine. Note: SeqGeq is not supported on 32bit Windows machines. Tabs contain Ribbons with various features, grouped by common functions: The Genesets area of the workspace will contain sets of parameters as they are either loaded from CSV files into SeqGeq, or defined within SeqGeq based on data analyzed there. Groups will separate out different samples from the All Samples group, and can contain gates or statistics just like an individual sample.

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Credits Learn FlowJo Now! I downloaded FlowJo v10 now what?! No problem! Please note, the demo data files are the only files that can be used with the demo version of FlowJo. What should I learn about first? FlowJo is a highly intuitive program for cytometric data analysis, and getting started is easy! A little time spent learning about the following components will help you save precious time and help you get more out of your data.

Grouping — Organizing data is key to saving time. Creating selective groups will cut down on unnecessary redundancy and get you on the fast track to making conclusions about your results.

Create tabular reports with statistics and formulas from the Table Editor; make graphical reports for publication, lab meeting, or to simply make a quick conclusion about your results in the Layout Editor. Compensation and Special Analysis Platforms — FlowJo v10 contains various special analysis platforms to help you do advanced analysis and make adjustments.

Compensation, Cell Cycle , Proliferation , Kinetics , and Population Comparison platforms are just a few of the powerful tools FlowJo provides to help you expand your flow horizons! The Basic Tutorial data comes from a small antibody dilution experiment. It will guide you through the basics of FlowJo; sample organization, gating, adding statistics, and batching tables and figure layouts. Open the vX BT v PDF document first and follow along. This tutorial will introduce you to basic concepts and mechanics of FlowJo vX.

This tutorial will go into greater detail about the functions of FlowJo, teach you how to create overlays, create complex batch reports, and how to create criteria-selective groups to organize your data efficiently. When the file is finished downloading, find it in your downloads folder or whatever folder you may have saved it to and double click it to decompress the file.

Four subfolders Exp. Begin by opening the PDF tutorial file and follow along. You can also follow the advanced video tutorials associated with these files. The platforms provide a means for performing more sophisticated cytometric data analysis including compensation, cell cycle, proliferation, population comparison, calibration, and kinetics to name a few. For more detailed information about these platforms, click here. Begin by navigating to the Tutorials page see image above.

Click a link for any of the platform tutorials Cell Cycle, Proliferation, Kinetics, etc. The file will begin downloading to your computer. If you have any difficulty downloading the files or trouble working with the demo data, please email flowjo bd.


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