Page 3 Inlet Hose 1. Once the option adjustment mode is entered, a beep is emitted and the LCD displays the letters rA. The amount of rinse aid dispensed into a rinse cycle can be varied to suit the level of hardness of the local water supply. If the scrubbing brush is showing on the LCD, then the end of cycle beeps are activated. If the scrubbing brush is not showing, then the end of cycle beeps are deactivated. This will reset the feature until the end of the next wash program.

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Mar Dimensions and Specifications updated p 9, Page 5 3. Page 6 9. Page 7: 1. Specific safety issues are listed below with their appropriate icon. These are illustrated throughout the service information to remind service people of the Health and Safety issues. Page 9: 2.

Page Touch Switches March Manual 3. They are capacitive touch switches and are supplied with an analogue signal from the controller that will change in the presence of an earthed mass i.

Page Filling March Manual Filling 3. From the connection to the water supply in the kitchen, the inlet hose enters the cabinet of the dishwasher at the base, onto a dual water valve. Page Overheat Protection March Manual 3.

It is not used for drying. The temperature is maintained by the thermistor. If a failure occurs with the electronic control of the heater plate, overheat protection is effected by a thermal fuse on the heater plate itself. Page Water Softener where Fitted March Manual The fan runs continuously during the drying cycle and will restart if the tub is opened and closed again. After the wash program is complete, the lid drives up, and the fan continues to run for 30 minutes, but will not restart if the tub is opened.

Page 4. Once the desired setting has been achieved push Power to exit. Selection of a setting affects how the Electronic Controller diverts supply water, how much water is treated, and how much salt is used in regeneration, in a manner that optimises the performance of the Water Softener. Page 5. The following table details the display order of the test.

Norm Fast Deli Page 23 March Manual The lid is lifted The display counts down to zero throughout this cycle The DishDrawer turns off at the end of this cycle. Page 6. A fatal fault will usually require the assistance of a qualified service person, while a U1 user fault indicates the machine had failed to prime within a certain length of time usually because the tap has not been turned on.


Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer DD603 Service Manual

It incorporates the kitchen sliding drawer concept into the dishwasher, giving the user easier access, improved visibility and less movement to open and close. Page 6 The Electronic Display has a number of functions: It shows the approximate time remaining in the wash programme in hours and minutes. Delay symbol No. The red light is lit when this option has been selected This red light indicates the wash cycle that has been selected Power kWh Approx.


Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer DD603 User Manual


LEI 11036 PDF

Fisher & Paykel DD603(I) Manual



Fisher & Paykel DD603 User Manual


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