Beschreibung bei Amazon Elizabeth Haydon is among one of the popular writers of America, who loves to write her novels based on the fantasy genre. She was born on January 01, in Michigan, United States. As of today, author Haydon has written a couple of fantasy novel series in total. Both the fantasy series written by take place in the same universe.

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Recommends it for: Romance-novel loving Faire-Goers. Recommended to Jocelyn by: Amy Shelves: fantasy The good: This book is very well plotted - in fact the series is very well plotted. The overall story was gripping. I think I saw that the author is a musician, and used music theory to help structure the book. The heroine consistently is the one moving the plot forward, and is clearly the hero, all men are rescued by her and not the other way around.

Girl power! The bad: The writing and characterization of the The good: This book is very well plotted - in fact the series is very well plotted. The bad: The writing and characterization of the people in the book was pretty terrible.

And the way the men reacted to Rhapsody to a man - hah hah was absurd. The transitions in characterization were awkward at best and totally absent at worst.

The Ugly: Oh, the word choices. Oh, the terrible dialog. In this land, if something is "very", it is always "more fill in the blank than you can imagine.

Etc, etc, ad nauseum. The descriptions I ended up skip-ping over loads of stuff and just reading the dialog because I did want to know what happened, the bones of the story and the plotting are really good , and I noticed that this author has the same problem with scenes - every little detail of every little action is related.

Hayden wrote it all down. In short, Hemingway would choke on these three books, and would glad of his impending death rather than finish the series.


Rhapsody: Child of Blood

Rhapsody[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Rhapsody ist die Protagonistin. Nachdem sie an ihrem Trotz der vielen schlechten Erfahrungen ist sie eine sehr naive und gutherzige Person. Achmed[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Der Bruder von allen, aber verwandt mit keinem. Achmed ist neben Grunthor der einzige Freund, der Rhapsody von der alten Welt noch geblieben ist.


Symphony of Ages

Plot[ edit ] Fourteen-year-old Gwydion is transported into a nearly one and one half millennia distant past to the Isle of Serendair by the mysterious Meridion. They want to marry, yet when Gwydion goes to propose, he is taken back to his own time by Meridion. The devastated Emily runs away from home in search of him. Rhapsody, lives in the town of Easton.

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