The plays ran from February 4, to March 6, The plays ran from May 3, to June 19, The play is approximately 15 minutes long [5] and involves direct address by the actors to the audience, their acknowledgment that they are performers in a play, and the offering of cues to the musician. After marrying Daddy, she brings her mother from the farm and into their big town house in the city. She gives her mom an army blanket, her own dish, and a nice place under the stove.

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Mommy and Daddy hired a musician along with them and when all is set, they take their Grandma out and put her into the sandbox nearby. Then they left her there and sat all day while watching her in the sandbox. Night came and Grandma passed away. Grandma was left behind in the sandbox with the company of a mysterious young character who was present in the scene the whole time and who later revealed himself as the Angel of Death. There are several symbolism used in the story.

Although the play is brief, it has a few transitions from day to night then to back to day. This implies that story is longer than it was depicted and that the time Grandma was in the sandbox did not happen all in one day. This shows that the whole play was not a treatment of a real-life occurrence at a beach but a mere representation of reality. Mommy and Daddy represent normal couples who are designated as unwilling carers for their old parents who are represented in here as Grandma.

It is a place without any attention or affection. Edward Albee may have represented himself here. As an artist, it is not unjustified that Mr. Albee is the Young Man. However her efforts were futile as her daughter ignored her, even ordering her husband to do the same.

Here, it is clear what kind of mother-daughter relationship exist between Grandma and Mommy. It also shows what kind of a daughter Mommy is. Except for one occasion where Mommy shouted at Grandma for throwing sand at her, there where no other direct conversation between the two.

As if there was not enough sympathy that the audience can give to Grandma with what she was going through, Edward Albee attempted to present her as a real person. I was married when I was seventeen. To a farmer. He died when I was thirty… I am a feeble old woman Albee Perhaps this is to emphasize that Grandma is also a human being, with a life and a husband, despite the inhumane treatment given to her. Being a widow at thirty, she made it clear how lonesome she was raising her daughter alone.

It is difficult to imagine her disappointment at how she is being treated by her daughter. But no one can blame her. If only she had her husband to take care of her, she does not have to put up with her daughter and vice versa. Edward Albee showed through this play that people should love their parents while they are still alive and make an effort to know that they love them before it is too late.

There is a dilemma as to the conclusion of the play. Mommy says, Our long night is over. We must put away our tears, take off our mourning…and face the future. In some ways, Mommy is right. People somehow need to move on.

However, after all that she had done to Grandma, no one can tell if that moment of grief during her death was sincere. For Carol A. Illinois Univ. This is because Mommy and Daddy brought her out of the house and to the beach to die. Indeed, in terms of symbolism, it is difficult to discern who or what the musician personifies. The play may have literally occurred in one night and that Grandma is in fact murdered by Mommy and Daddy by leaving her to die without medical attention.

Curiously, it may be what Mr. Burns, Carol A.


The Sandbox



The Irony of Edward Albee’s “The Sandbox” Essay


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