Click on an existing name to select a different name from the drop-down list. See a sample data layout below. X: Column that contains the X coordinates for the pipeline vertices. These can be Eastings in meters or feet, decimal longitudes, etc. See Defining your Datasheet Coordinates for more information.

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Moogushura We may be required to enter into agreements with natural gas transportation companies on terms that are not favorable to us. Other clauses of the contracts such as price and place of delivery may be subject to renegotiation during the term of the contract. Under current regulations, we are entitled to bid for any exploration blocks offered for exploration by the ANH and we compete under the same conditions as other domestic and foreign oil and gas companies, that is, we receive piipeline special treatment.

As a result, Cenit is now a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Ecopetrol S. We are the main producer and supplier of refined products in Colombia. Evidence of hydrocarbons was found in two pipelie the wells Guarrojo and CPO 17while one is currently under evaluation Mamey and one was eco;etrol Margay.

Regarding human rights risks analyses, our monitoring process has been strengthened in order to prevent and mitigate negative impacts on human rights. Includes data for Ecopetrol S. Table 8 — Ecopetrol S. This source of natural gas is transported and used in the same way as natural gas found in shale or other deposits. A large portion of our assets and operations are located in Colombia, and most of our sales are currently derived from our crude oil and natural gas production and production of our refineries located in Colombia.

As of January 4,we have cleaned the totality of affected water bodies and the majority of our remediation activities in connection with the product spill have been completed.

When domestic prices of liquid fuels are lower than international parity prices, the Government is responsible for reimbursing importers or refiners for the difference, which difference is called the fuel price differential pursuant to Law of Our operating results were affected mainly by international prices of crude oil and, to a somewhat lesser extent, international prices for refined products and local prices for natural gas, as well as sales volumes, product mix, exchange rate and our operational performance.

The table below presents the breakdown of Ecopetrol employees according to the business segments where they work, and the personnel of our subsidiaries for the years ended December 31,and The EIA products are highly reliable and up-to-date.

Choose a Country or Region Browse: The occurrence of any of these events or other incidents could result in personal injuries, loss of life, severe environmental damage with the resulting containment, clean-up and repair expenses, equipment damage and liability in civil and administrative proceedings.

As of the date of this annual report, the timing for any divestment program has not been established. Securities registered or to be registered pursuant to Section 12 g of the Act: This annual report on Form F contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the U.

The duration of this agreement is indefinite; however the contract will remain in force as long as Ecopetrol S. These investments will allow having cleaner and more valuable fuel production.

Priority for the Supply of Natural Gas. List of natural gas pipelines Our failure to successfully obtain the expected results from our acquisitions could adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations. These risks could result in property damage, loss of revenue, cost of human lives, pollution and harm to ecoeptrol environment, among others. Interruption of activities caused by external factors. The Government regulates domestic prices of liquid fuels according to international market conditions in order to align fcopetrol prices with trends in international prices, with a one-month lag.

Certain figures shown in this annual report have been subject to rounding adjustments and, accordingly, certain totals may therefore not precisely equal the sum of the numbers presented.

Our ability to fund these expenditures is dependent on our ability to access the capital necessary to finance the construction of these facilities.

Table 2 — Selected Financial Data. Interests of Experts and Counsel. The table below sets forth the volumes of crude oil and refined products transported through the crude oil pipelines and multipurpose pipelines owned by us. Total gross wells owned and operated by Ecopetrol S.

Securities and Exchange Commission. In MarchEcopetrol S. What is the net consumption means? In NovemberEcopetrol announced that it would partner with an international consortium to develop the Oleoducto Bicentenario pipeline. Occidental Petroleum also contracted the security firm AirScan to aid the Colombian military in the defense of its operations.

Our exploration activities expose us to the inherent risks of drilling, including the risk that we will not discover commercially productive crude oil or natural gas reserves. Table 38 — Operating Capacity of Propilco. The contract also includes a variable sum related to contracts and purchases made by Ecopetrol through mandate. Our third-party liability insurance policies cover Ecopetrol S.

Ministry of Mines and Energy Resolution ofpartially repealed by Resolution ofincluded a series of technical regulations for unconventional hydrocarbon resources, including the procedures for ecopeyrol the exploration and exploitation of unconventional reserves.

Non-Colombian residents cannot directly hold portfolio investments in Colombia, but are able to do so through a registered foreign capital investment fund. The hydrocarbon industry is under governmental supervision and control, regulated mainly by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the ANH. The volume of refined products that cannot be transported in pipelines or in tanker trucks because of capacity limitation is transported by barges.

Crude Oil Purchase Contracts. TOP Related Posts.


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Jucage For that reason, Ecopetrol S. Most facts are uncertain because of their nature. However, this restriction ecopegrol not applicable to foreign companies which have branch offices in Colombia, such as our subsidiaries Hocol or ODL. The implementation of this initiative will allow us to increase production of refined products and improve the efficiency of and upgrade existing facilities in order to reach higher margins in our refining segment. In the future, the Nation, as our controlling shareholder, may undertake ecopetol, make decisions or announcements about its intentions related to its holding of our capital stock, which may not be in our best interest or in the best interest of our minority shareholders, including holders of our ADSs, and could impact the price of our shares or ADSs. Estimates of reserves ecoppetrol prepared by geological and engineering standard methods commonly used in the oil and gas industry.



Oil[ edit ] Colombia petroleum production red and exports black Colombia became an oil exporter in the mids and has remained that, as a result of policy changes made in Colombia exports about half of its production, most of it to the United States. In oil and derivatives accounted for 26 percent of total exports Oil is particularly important because of its fiscal implications, which cut across several dimensions. The government also subsidizes gasoline and other fuels by selling them locally at a price below the comparable international market price, and this subsidy is channeled through Ecopetrol. In rough estimates suggested that while the central government was running a fiscal deficit of about 5 percent of GDP, Ecopetrol was producing—net of taxes and domestic subsidies—a surplus close to 3 percent of GDP.


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