Let Brahmani Power of Lord Brahma protect me at the top, let Vaishnavi Power kavaach Vishnu protect me below and let Chamunda who sits on a seat of Corpse thus protect me on all the ten sides. Hey strong Goddess, Hey enthusiastic Goddess, Hey goddess who removes fear of death, Hey Goddess who is extremely impossible to see and Hey Saptwshati, who increases durg fear of your enemies, please protect us. Let my throat be protected by Chitra Ganda She who is picturesqueMahamaya great enchantress protect the small tongue, Kamakshi She who has attractive eyes protect my beard and voice be protected by Sarva mangala. Let the winds of the body viz.

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Gurumata Ji 3 comments Durga saptashati vashikaran mantra is a very powerful vashikaran vidhi in the world as durga saptashati known from its capabilities to fulfill desires and to heal all obstacle from devotee life. Durga saptashati vashikaran mantra has power to heal your problem and to fulfill your desire easily. Here on this page with the blessings of mataji writing here some very beneficial and extreme powerful vashikaran mantra of durga saptashati that can make your problem solved if you use these durga saptashati mantra by following rules.

Durga saptashati vashikaran mantra or any kind of durga saptsati mantra, it should be chanted by user without mistakes, person who is not well versed into Sanskrit text should not recite sanskrit durga saptashati at any cost. Devotee should follow bramhcharya and should not cook non veg, egg and should not eat onion, garlic, non veg, egg and alcohol beverages. Devotee should be pure by mind and he should never use the durga saptashati power for wrong purpose.

Sadhak should wear clean cloth into pooja and rituals and he should not break any rule at any cost if doing durga saptsati for any purpose. If you are not capable to follow rules so you can hire the pandit or bramhan to do that behalf of you to fulfill any desire. Durga saptashati vashikaran mantra should be done after doing the pooja of mahamaya tripur sundari devi by following panchopchaar poojan and prayers and after that sadhak should take sankalp for doing the powerful durga saptashati vashikaran mantra for any desire or purpose and than using rudraksh rosary he can continue reciting mantra given below.

Sadhak should recite atleast mantra per night after kalash poojan and tripur sundari poojan. Auspicious day is friday to start the durga saptsati vashikaran mantra.

Explained kawach called beej and argala shakti also kilak. For good result sadhak should practice these mantra under guru blessings. For different purposes there are some durga saptashati mantra is there which should be done specially during navratri times by sadhak for any desire or purpose but if you want to do the durga saptsati sadhna right now so in any good muhurt you can begin it after taking permission from your guru and after blessings.

We are giving different durga saptsati mantra for different purpose below. This powerful durga saptsati mantra you can recite if you have any obstacle, any serious problem related to anything, health issue or have wealth problem, or enemies are troubling you or have grah badha, tantra mantra badha so this mantra can heal all your problem and bring your fortune, good luck and name back.

To do this powerful mantra you should take permission from guru or ask with any expert to have sadhna viddhi and to understand it very well. Tantrik Mantra For Vashikaran Tantrik mantra for vashikaran always require to do because vedic mantra is not related to it. Using vedic mantra for vashikaran you can attract someone for sometime but if you want to do vashikaran so vashikaran already a part of the tantra vidya it is not related to the vedic karma but it is true all mantra yantra tantra came from the vedas but tantrik mantra for vashikaran is always important to do because the rituals and the rules regulations those are described in tantra that cannot be followed using the vedic vashikaran mantra.

In Powerful tantrik mantra for vashikaran kamakhya vashikaran, aghor vashikaran, bhairav vashikaran, and dus mahavidya vashikaran even durga saptshati vashikaran mantra for love back is major and very famous in Indian tantrik culture that work fast and instant into the love relation problem even in marital problem also. Strong tantrik vashikaran mantra for love should be into the supervision of vashikaran specialist tantrik in India only.

Aghori vashikaran mantra, kamakhya vashikaran mantra, kali vashikaran mantra and mahavidya vashikaran mantra, banglamukhi vashikaran mantra all comes in same category as devi vashikaran mantra vidhi.

Read page for more information about it free of cost. Also read this page for


Durga Saptashati Devi Kavacham - Sanskrit Lyrics with Video

Donris Kali rides on corpses, Varahi rides on Garuda, Maheswari on bull, Kaumari on Peacock, Brahmi on a swan and all of them wear different types of ornaments and have different types of luster, wear different type of gems and are seen on the charriots with very angry faces. This would destroy all the poxes. All the black magic done in this world, and the bad spirits which travel on the earth and in the sky, which are made in water, which can be created and which hear the suggestions like Kulaja, MalaShakini and dakinithe terrible spirits which travel in the ether, the ghosts which reside in the home, yakshas, gandarwahas, Rakshasas, Brahmarakshasas, Vetalas Koosmandas and Bhairavis will be destroyed by the sight of such a man. Let Badrakali the black goddess who protects protect my neck, Neelagreeva the goddess who is blue protect the back portion of my neck, Nalakoobari protect the neck joint, Gadgadharini She who holds the sword protect my shoulders, Vajradharini She who holds Vajrayudha protect my arms, dhandini She who punishes protect my hands and Ambika she who is the mother of the world protect my fingers. Let Indrani Power of Indra protect me in the east, Agni Female power of fire God, in the southeast, varahi the power of varaha in the south, and Gadgadharini She holds a swordin the southwest. The man will get unmatched wealth and all human beings that chant this will walk without fear, being victorious in all wars.



It consists of Chapters 74 to 86 13 chapters of the Markandeya Purana and has stanzas. This Purana is also authored by Veda Vyasa and is a medium sized Purana. The verses are arranged in 13 chapters. Also, they are arranged in 3 parts charitas. They have Rigveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda as the swarupas.

EXAM 70-400 PDF

श्री दुर्गा कवच


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