Mezicage The screenplay was written by Ellen Rapoport. The road trip comedy has never exactly gone out of style, but there seems to be a rash of them lately. This one is going to be called Desperadosand it tells the story of three female friends who go to Mexico to try and deal with a scathing message one of them left a guy she likes presumably before he can hear it? Desperados is the upcoming Universal comedy that will be directed by Betty Thomaslady best known from Alvin and despersdos Chipmunks: This content is published for the entertainment of our users only.

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It has a genial tone and more than a few smile-worthy moments. Remember that? Then it bombed, and that was kinda the end of that. Nevertheless, Desperados is filled with similar gross-out gags and, honestly, a few similar story beats.

That seems to be the norm these days for Idiot Plot movies: make the characters as stupid as the story. It sort of works. See also: Superbad, one of my favorites of Those are small examples, but the entire plot hinges on one big, steaming pile of Idiot Plot: the sending of the e-mail.

In Mexico. Sorry, random tangent—but seriously, what the fuck? Worse than the Idiot Plot beats, perhaps, is the conclusion that this script does not need to take place in Mexico. Mexico serves as such a generic backdrop, it could be set in any vacation spot: Hawaii, the Bahamas, Mackinac Island, Orlando, any of our fine national parks.

One of the alleged selling points of Desperados is that much of the action involves three American women getting into crazy situations south of the border. You could easily transpose the action to another vacation resort by only changing the names of locations and maybe three lines of dialogue. Many of the Idiot Plot problems could easily be resolved if the story relied a little more on the natural fish-out-of-water humor that comes from a neurotic, decidedly American woman trying to navigate the unfamiliar customs of a foreign country.

Aside from the excruciating Idiot Plot and the poorly exploited setting, this is standard romantic comedy fare: familiar plot, stock characters, obvious conflicts. What does work shows that Rapoport understands comedy and understands relationships.

She just relies too much on people who are supposed to be smart acting stupid for no clear reason. Tags: 1 Comment You can post comments in this post. I understand this is an old post but I just wanted to say that I think she stole the idea from this viral video, which is supposedly a true story.



The casting cabinet has Isla Fisher placed neatly on the shelf to play Wesley. Rapoport has a bit of a reputation for writing raunchy female dialogue and situations, the kind of stuff that would make even the girls of Sex and The City blush. Writer: Ellen Rapoport Details: pages June 23, draft To prepare you for Desperados, one should know that the opening scene contains horse fucking. One should also know that the words, "enormous horse penis" are used.


"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." -- Philip K. Dick






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