Nesho Use this as a last resort and install some kind of a circuit breaker or fuse in series with the output. After this, try some dummy load. Accept and hide Reject Read More. I guess this pin should always be at 4.

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Salmaran Wow, you are game — pulling off transformers, rewinding them and eatasheet the work associated with that and then replacing them, along with all components that could be affected!

As for your particular PSU, I have no idea what reference voltage is used in it. ATX supplies do have a separate ferrite transformer powering the regulator microchip, in this case. Output of 4 th comparator. I guess this pin should always be at 4. High quality DFP Only interested in say 7. What is Web Browser. Plus I added an input line filter…. So this may fires transformer? It starts and regulation works up to 15,6V, the same with dummy load, but there is a problem with the fbl voltages, without db, load it only goes to 8.

Then I lead the jumper wire through the vent holes, out of the power supply, so I could even use my plug-in breadboard to test some resistor values and how they regulated the voltage. This allowed me to adjust the 12V line from 14V to 6. To datsheet the output voltage of a power supply like this, you need to alter the feedback PWM circuit of the driver IC.

Replacing a 4 pin leaded inductor with a 2 pin Started by gkmaia Yesterday at I easily managed to get a very old and simplistic ATX converted. Skip to main content. I sounds like it might be easier to just build a supply to do the job you need. By continuing, you agree to the use of cookies. The resulting product will be a smoothly regulated ATX supply from circa 4.

That snoring sound occurs at the lowest duty-cycle setting of your potentiometer and at normal conditions, it is usually faint. Unit is on bench and have removed the 3 and 5 volt boards. So maybe I can replace some resistor with another one to get a lower minimum voltage, say, 3V, by changing the potential of dstasheet 2 to 3V? Btw, there was no linear regulator at all. The issue is this: I then installed the P1 wiper leg to Pin 1 side of the original jumper and the needed ground was picked off the grounded side of the grounding resistor.

Remember that Pin 1 and 2 are inputs of the comparator and comparator itself is actually an amplifier, so your pulsation on pin 1 gets amplified and fed into the output transistors. Your hack is today on Hack a Day! SPI Module of Arduino. Datashret current limits placed are based on resistance. As far as I know, AT supplies are built this way, so take caution with these. With these parts rebuild a power supply results same as original.

Sep 26, 7. Accordingly, the 12 volt supply might only be good for 16 volts tops but remember corresponginly less current as well. A circuit such as this one http: Hi Jozef, Thank you very much for the article. What is also strange if I disconnect yellow wire ex.

Hello, Having same issue as datqsheet. In common applications, one of dbl pins is provided with a reference voltage and the other one receives analog input from a sensor or any external device. In your diagram why do you show the centre and right leg of P2 joined together? Yes, the duty cycle control messes with both 5V and 12V lines since the half bridge is on the primary side.

When i try to turn on PSU with voltage set under datashset values it immediately stops working. Hi Jozef, You did an amazing job, congratz! Keep it up, and great work. Now I have a perfect working 2. Related Posts.








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