Zulkibar Which brings us to why do you need cyberoptics for Times Square and targeting? What, you think the Powers That Be are going to let the average citizen have free access to levels of armour that can prevent duly-appointed Law Enforcement officials from carrying out their sworn duty to subdue anyone who decides to threaten the peace? My understanding has always been that Humanity Cost was there to prevent overly cybernetic characters — in a character creation system where you can fit yourself out with a lot of stuff for only a few hundred Eurobucks. There is a place for each of the inhabitants, they all have a home, a workplace and a favorite leisure spot.

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All Right Reserved. Talsorian Games, Inc. Cyberpunk is a Trademark of R. No partof hisbook may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher, except for review pur- poses. Any similarity to characters, situations, institutions, corporations, etc.

Printed in Canada, Published by: anus Publications, Inc. Family Life Psychological Profile Shon Circuits Malfunction Rating Eye In The Sky Misplaced Identity Gun Cameras Teems Day. Halloween The Walk Disaster Relief Centers Natural Disasters Man-Made Disasters In The News Tonight. Heat Waves. Tossing And Turning Passions Flaring..

Heat Exhaustion.. Keeping Cool Underground Dealers Vending Inc. Hie Suniey Enclaves Main Characters.. Finding Them. Piopliec, Getting In. The Enclaves Of Night City. Drug Design.. Flatlining Emotive Rock.. Midnight Lovers Minions Of Depravity PseudoPet Biology 95 4 eesti Heble City City life is not a new experience for humanity, cities have existed since Cayenne au entintitcrarone tary oer Poltepaiityeat emer ee heen ean then cities, and now, metroplexes.

New technologies are con- stantly rendering occupations obsolete, and people useless. The amount of knowledge available and competition in corporate positions require citizens to specialize, becoming expertsin their own field, and ignorant of any other venues.

For most in the city, life without a life contract with a company means near poverty. For those lucky enough to have useful skills, short-term work contacts can usually be found, but for those without any useful skills, poverty and a life on the street is the only possible outcome. It could be argued that litde is real in the cities; music is. The most obvious examples of this are cybernetics, which physically invade the human body, but less obvious are the inconspicuous electronics used on a daily basis: the automatic coffee-maker, the ever-present TV screens, cameras watching everywhere, and the computers used for almost any knowledge-related task.

Some argue that this is part of the natural 2 evolution of human culture, while others state that human society has become corrupt and depraved — cities are the prime example of this. It is instead better to understand what makes acity tick, so that one can deal with itbetter, which is what this text is designed todo. Everyone In is under constant surveillance by dozens of organizations, some goverment, some corporate, some pitvate, but all for their own dark purposes.

Things To Do, the second chopter, Is practical look at the Iypkl activites of a more octlve Edgerunner, such os the runring of pirate radio station, partidpoting in celebration of some sort. People To Meet, the third chopter, Includesa close examnina- ilon of Reapers repossessors of people and things and Spooks electronic sieuths ; all occupations that have devel- opedolmost exclusively due fo the social network ofthe city.

Places To Go, the fourth chapter, looks at Asylums, places where you can go to hide when nowhere else will do: drug salons, where youcan get high with other edgerunners: and the Endaves of the diy, where various cults and gangs ne. The fith chopter, Dark Pleasures, i 0 very special chopter thot requiressome explanation.

The Cyberpunk generation kd not Invent vice, but hos certainly incorporated It to a greater degree lato ts own cullure than any post socety. The notm of is comparable fo the abnormal of he 20th century. Sexuality, while freer, Is also 2 great deal more depraved, wih moratty allburabsentinthe 21stcennay cies. The last chopter is a scenatto, 0 tale of a very twisted and deranged individual, calling himself the Imp of the Perverse. He hounts his enemies, stalking them, and torturing them psychologkcally.

Not astory forthe faint-heaned, butcertalnly the son of bizarre tole told in the city. These three books con be used In conjunc tion or separately, to constuct a consistent gaming universe. They ore dearly indl- cated when they appear. VE e ies ey oe ere koe ad a Everybody rolls with thein fingers cond. Not only is that Eeeroreaorrti eee What kind of family life daes the ere ie cael anne Eieiro pa eee Mireur prance are they, and what experiences have they had.

Often, there are a even gas eu eatin Eeeeara code teareyaai ta they hold to strongly. Terrace Ue LS is dominated by two major facts: youwill deal withhigh tech- nology on a regular basis; and Srothnailtsumeun asta ats surveillance as soon as youleave protien cuurusnnitleaeueatcs Sunn mun etentcou aati Deseo drs sci Prorae canto taenite Maat they shape their livesand interac- Rromntelertle-ason i tc beau they are examined here.

Crucial aspects in the development of these Individuals are their family life, post experiences, etc. The Cyberpunk generation Is no different from past generations; It Is largely guided by experience. The Role- Class table below describes the most probable social classes that a character in a given role would have come from.

The player can either choose or roll when a choice is given. Steet Gang Combat Zone Poor Grewup on he street wth no aul Sipe. Grew up working for parens fom very young a.

Grew up hanging out with the lost youth arg. Grew up unde the supervision of older sbing or eave. Grew up under the lose supervision of loving fai. Grew pat home with lead speriion. Grew up banging. Grew up under the


R. Talasorian's Cyberpunk 2020: Any House rules you enjoy or are really tempted to employ?

Scanned image Scanned image These products were created by scanning an original printed edition. Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout files never existed or were no longer available from the publisher. The result of this OCR process is placed invisibly behind the picture of each scanned page, to allow for text searching. However, any text in a given book set on a graphical background or in handwritten fonts would most likely not be picked up by the OCR software, and is therefore not searchable. Also, a few larger books may be resampled to fit into the system, and may not have this searchable text background. For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book.



Cyberpunk can be a harsh mistress. Compared to other games, the rules might seem crueler and harder to learn. Some people need help figuring out the ropes. Talsorian Games and other companies have produced for the game.


A Celebration of Cyberpunk: Day Two

Street doctors Med-Tech Players use a "point-buy" system to buy attributes, then uses a Lifepath Section to determine skills and personal background, including past loves and present-day motivations. Each character starts with a certain amount of money, and can use it to buy cybernetic implants to upgrade personal abilities. There are also rules for cybernetic hacking, called Netrunning. Cyberpunk [ edit ] In , R. Talsorian Games released the second edition of the game, titled Cyberpunk , which featured updated rules for combat, Netrunning, and character generation.


Cyberpunk 2020 - ICP116 Dark Metropolis

All Right Reserved. Talsorian Games, Inc. Cyberpunk is a Trademark of R. No partof hisbook may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher, except for review pur- poses. Any similarity to characters, situations, institutions, corporations, etc. Printed in Canada, Published by: anus Publications, Inc. Family Life Psychological Profile

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