Personal life[ edit ] Akhtar was born in a small town in Morgah near Rawalpindi , Pakistan. His father, Mohammad Akhtar, "from a hardworking economically unprivileged family of the Gujjar community", who worked as a night watchman at a petrol station belonging to the Attock oil refinery , married his mother, Hameeda Awan , when she was still a teenager, and they had five children: four sons, Shoaib being the fourth after Shahid, Tahir and Obaid, followed by a daughter, Shumaila. Lacking the money for a bus ticket, he waited for the bus to start and got onto the roof. He was subsequently included in the tour of South Africa during the winter of , where he played in all three Tests. Subsequently, after 8 tests and 16 innings, Akhtar had accumulated only 18 wickets. It was followed by high-class bowling performances in Sharjah and later in the Cricket World Cup.

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I find myself clueless to decide how to start this. If I tried to go further, my love for Shoaib Akhtar and Cricket game will dominate my personal opinion about "Controversially Yours". Cricket had been a passion in Pakistani youth. Being raised as 90s generation in rural environment, Sports was our only entertainment. As a child our only dream was to get I find myself clueless to decide how to start this.

As a child our only dream was to get a chance in A level team of village while children and teens used to play uncategorised B, C and D levels. Cricket is linked to our lives at extreme level. Even some of tragic and pleasant memories are attached to our love to cricket. My dying maternal grandma on her death bed cheered my uncle to quit worrying and turn on TV so she could see Inzimam playing. Bangladesh gained test status. My elder sister and maternal uncle quit eating for couple of days.

That was the time I saw Akhtar walking to Pakistani fast bowling arena. Akhtar has a very complex personality which had faced a lot of discouragement since his childhood. His natural belief eventually made him victorious but more rude and proud. We know how corrupt our system can become when we try to go fair for ourselves and country. For instance Akhtar never forgot street vendor and tangah driver who had helped him in early of his career. You will be shocked to know that this fastest ever pacer once had slept on footpaths and begged for food from these innocent street people.

Book also confirmed the statement once he had given while talking to my friend who was a domestic cricketer, struggling in first class level. According to my friend Akhtar claimed that he was already finished inside when they picked him eventually for international level.

Due to lack of grass root coaching and excessive running had ruined his knees. There was not a single night when he slept without physical pain. This catches readers eyes. Specially who followed him since his early career will enjoy more. There were some forgotten incidents which refreshed my memory. Still hailing from a humble and poor family, Akhtar has toughest self believe you will ever see.

General Tauqeer Zia has vital part in success and discovery of this man. General even gave him passage to become one of his family. This is why whenever he abused and scolded him due to his sick habits, Mrs.

Tauqeer Zia always intervened. I never saw anyone taking on foul mouthed Aussies like Akhtar did. What we got here is a recent example of Wahab on Watson. Pakistani cricket system is one of most corrupt departments in Pakistani bureaucracy. I have no doubt all the internal battles and politics mentioned here.

We all love you


Shoaib reveals it all in 'Controversially Yours'

More "Once again, we were on the losing side, that is never conducive to Pakistani team spirit. The whole lot of us were rubbing each other the wrong way and I got involved in a verbal conflict with Waqar, which of course was the only thing board remembered later -- not my record, mind you. I was sacked along with other players, including Waqar," Shoaib wrote. Shoaib claimed that top performers in Pakistan cricket are never valued. Allah has given us both a gift and a curse and the curse is that we will never be valued by our own whether we are in politics or sports," he alleged.


Shoaib Akhtar


LOI 62-99 PDF

Controversially Yours: An Autobiography


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