Everything topic mention in this book is given in brief, useful and easy to revise. Chapter2 Lexical Analysis 21 to Code Generation Issues in code generation, Target machine description, Basic blocks and flow graphs, next use information, Register allocation and assignment, Dag representation of basic blocks, Peephole optimisation, Generating code from a DAG, Dynamic programming, Code generator, generator concept. Chapter 5 Syntax Directed Translation 5 1 to 5. Account Options Sign in.

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Principles Compiler Design by A a Puntambekar

Puntambekar Technical Publications, Jan - Compilers Computer programs - pages Overview of Compilation : Phases of compilation - Lexical analysis, Regular grammar and regular expression for common programming language features, Pass and phases of translation, Interpretation, Bootstrapping, Data structures in compilation - LEX lexical analyzer generator. Semantic Analysis : Intermediate forms of source programs - abstract syntax tree, Polish notation and three address codes. Attributed grammars, Syntax directed translation, Conversion of popular programming languages language constructs into intermediate code forms, Type checker. Symbol Tables : Symbol table format, Organization for block structures languages, Hashing, Tree structures representation of scope information. Block structures and non block structure storage allocation : Static, Runtime stack and heap storage allocation, Storage allocation for arrays, strings and records. Data Flow Analysis : Flow graph, Data flow equation, Global optimization, Redundant subexpression elimination, Induction variable elements, Live variable analysis, Copy propagation.


compiler design by a a puntambekar download


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