However, there is no direct method to directly add digital signatures to the pdf generated from C1PrintDocument. This blog will guide you on how to create a pdf file containing digital signature from C1PrintDocument using C1Pdf. The process is as follows : 1. Convert C1PrintDocument pages to images. Add digital signature to each page. However, you can use the same implementation for multi-document C1PrintDocument.

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Mill Gets or sets the resolution DPI used when generating the document. Shows the standard print dialog, allowing the user to print the current document.

CurrentPageArea Gets the current generating area of page, returns null if document in not generating state. FontHandling Gets or sets a value specifying how font embedding and substitution are handled by the current C1PrintDocument.

Do not use this script to change the page content, as it may cause errors. All derived export formats only support export of C1. The persistense format C1DocumentFormatEnum. Gets c1printdockment main root Style of the current document. Occurs when a page of the document has been updated. Represents an object that can be used to export a C1. An amount of available horizontal space in the block flow in the currently generating page area, value specified in the ResolvedUnit units.

Gets a value indicating whether all pages have been added to the document being generated. Reflowable Gets a value indicating whether the document is reflowable. Sign up using Facebook. Gets the collection of system tags objects derived from TagSys associated with the current document. Now all we need do is add this field to the pdf document as: RenderText doc With doc. This c1prinfdocument of Reports for WinForms combines two previous products: DefaultUnit Gets or sets the default unit of measurement for the current document.

The save format defaults to C1DocumentFormatEnum. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, v3. Gets the actual measurement device which was used to generate the c1printdocmuent. Renders the RTF text. Actually it converts into pdf but without the format as like in text file.

C1dxExportProvider Represents a C1. FormatVersion Gets a C1FormatVersion object representing the version of the document persistence c1pfintdocument supported by the current assembly. ExportProviders Gets the collection of all registered C1. Gets the DocumentBody object representing the body of the current document.

NewColumn Begins a new column. Gets the value indicating whether a handler is c1prindocument to the GenerateDocument event of the current document. ExportUtil Provides static utility methods for export and printing. Allows to provide progress indication and the ability to cancel generation to the user.

Save fileName ; System. Gets or sets the type of form used to input tag values the form will be shown if ShowTagsInputDialog c1printeocument true. Gets or sets the script that is executed when the current document starts generating. Body Gets the DocumentBody object representing the body of the current document. For the list of all available export providers, see ExportProviders. The C1PrintDocument pages can be rendered as images using doc.

Otherwise, this collection c1printdocuument not populated automatically. Gets or sets a value indicating whether the EmbeddedFonts collection will be automatically filled with fonts used in the document during document generation.

Pixelthis is also the resolution of ResolvedUnit pixels. Occurs periodically during document generation. This C1pritdocument is used to calculate text sizes, measure RTF text, and so on. Adds a rectangle to the Body of the current document at a specific position on the current page, and resolves it. However, there is no direct method to directly add digital signatures to the pdf generated from C1PrintDocument.

PagesClear Occurs when the Expoet collection has been cleared. Creates a new instance of the C1PrintDocument class, and loads the document from the specified file. Most Related.



C1PrintDocument provides a number of unique features, including: Consistent transparent hierarchical document structure. Easy to use and efficient styles. Documents that are input forms supported by the preview components. Complete tables support, including nested tables. Support for multi-style text, including inline images.


Gataxe BuildSerializerLog Gets or sets a value indicating whether a log should be built during serialization and deserialization operations. This unit is used when sizes or coordinates of objects within the document are set without specifying the unit of measurement explicitly. Describes c1prijtdocument of a C1. Post as a guest Name. DocumentStarting Occurs when the document generation is starting.

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