As for his education, it is unknown which school he went to, but it is unlikely that he ever finished high school, due to the fact that his gang membership consumed most of his time, so he also never pursued a college education. Gang Activity: Early Imprisonment After an unspecified amount of time spent in the gang, Polight managed to build the image of a capable superior for himself, and was thus assigned men under his own guidance. Approximately at the age of 18 Polight was arrested, charged and imprisoned for gun possession and assault. Before his Career: The Teachings Polight evidently came up with a different plan during his imprisonment, since he opened an organic restaurant not long after being discharged from the correctional facility — where he got the finance from is unclear. He also signed up for private lessons about lifestyle and eating habits by Dr.

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Also, he clarified why he left his low-income community in New York for a healthier lifestyle in Beverly Hills, California. So over time, he had a change of heart and began doing business with people of different ethnicities. He no longer felt the same way as he did when he was living in New York. So, why should we condemn, mock, or ridicule a brother or sister who has become successful, and considering their success, they have no choice but to fellowship, connect, break bread, or interface with people of other ethnicities.

Since, I no longer live in these so called Black communities. You live in a White community populated by Black people. Also, you have no say in the curriculum. Therefore, whatever your children are being taught, you would have to dispose on the discretion on the very people that you say enslaved you or held you captive. But, Polight, a crafty debater, puts some water on the fire when he stated that during the Black News live stream.

His mic was muted, so, people only heard half of what he was trying to say. But, he still meant what he said. And I will never take that back!

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