Carrots — and other vegetables, cookbbook as zucchini — add moisture to muffin and cake batters. Preheat the oven to F standard. Spray a spatula with nonstick spray. Bouchon Bakery by T. Clean and respray the knife before each cut.

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He believes fervently that the real art of cooking lies in elevating to excellence the simplest ingredients; that bistro cooking embodies at once a culinary ethos of generosity, economy, and simplicity; that the techniques at its foundation are profound, and the recipes at its heart have a powerful ability to nourish and please.

Now Bouchon, the cookbook, embodies this cuisine in all its sublime simplicity. For Keller, great cooking is all about the virtue of process and attention to detail.

Even in the humblest dish, the extra thought is evident, which is why this food tastes so amazing: The onions for the onion soup are caramelized for five hours; lamb cheeks are used for the navarin; basic but essential refinements every step of the way make for the cleanest flavors, the brightest vegetables, the perfect balance—whether of fat to acid for a vinaigrette, of egg to liquid for a custard, of salt to meat for a duck confit.

Because versatility as a cook is achieved through learning foundations, Keller and Bouchon executive chef Jeff Cerciello illuminate all the key points of technique along the way: how a two-inch ring makes for a perfect quiche; how to recognize the right hazelnut brown for a brown butter sauce; how far to caramelize sugar for different uses. But learning and refinement aside—oh those recipes!

Steamed mussels with saffron, bourride, trout grenobloise with its parsley, lemon, and croutons; steak frites, beef bourguignon, chicken in the pot—all exquisitely crafted. And those immortal desserts: the tarte Tatin, the chocolate mousse, the lemon tart, the profiteroles with chocolate sauce.

In Bouchon, you get to experience them in impeccably realized form. So let your imagination transport you back to the burnished warmth of an old-fashioned French bistro, pull up a stool to the zinc bar or slide into a banquette, and treat yourself to truly great preparations that have not just withstood the vagaries of fashion, but have improved with time.

Welcome to Bouchon.


Bouchon Bakery Cookbook

There are two types of home bakers: I am one of the home bakers who wants to do things "the right way" and I want to understand why things work out or fail the way they do. Ask yourself "am I willing to use a kitchen scale for every ingredient - even eggs". If not, this book is not for you. Convection ovens! Jumbo muffin pans!


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