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Page 6: Further Information Our online guides provide detailed information on technical basics Online guides and terms. Personal consultation For personal consultation please contact our technical hotline. If you have any problems with the device the customer service will Service gladly assist you. Page 7: Notational Conventions The letterings for connectors and controls are marked by square brackets and italics.

Displays Texts and values displayed on the device are marked by quotation marks and italics. Switch off the device. Page 9 This combination of symbol and signal word indicates a pos- sible dangerous situation that can result in material and environmental damage if it is not avoided. Warning signs Type of danger Warning — high-voltage.

Warning — danger zone. Page Safety Instructions This device may be used only by persons with sufficient physical, sensorial, and intellectual abilities and having corresponding knowledge and experience.

Other persons may use this device only if they are supervised or instructed by a person who is responsible for their safety. Page 11 Within the device there are areas where high voltages may be present. Never remove any covers. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. Do not use the device if covers, protectors or optical components are missing or damaged. Page 12 Keep the device away from naked flames.

Operating conditions This device has been designed for indoor use only. To prevent damage, never expose the device to any liquid or moisture. Avoid direct sunlight, heavy dirt, and strong vibrations. Page 13 Failure to do so could result in damage to the device and possibly injure the user. Unplug the device before electrical storms occur and when it is unused for long periods of time to reduce the risk of electric shock or fire. Use the shortest possible high-quality cables for all connections.

Take care when running the cables to prevent tripping hazards. Page 16 If necessary, install a CEE plug on the power cord of the unit. First, connect the loads to the terminals on the back of the device. Establish the DMX link to the controller. Page 17 Connect the output of the first DMX device to the input of the second one and so on, to form a series connection.

Page 19 7 [ESC]: Closes an opened menu. Page 21 10 Dimmer outlets, designed as shockproof sockets. Page Operating Failure to do so may result in electric shock and risk of fire and loss of life. By all means you have to observe all electrical safety instructions applicable at the place of operation. Pressing briefly results in changes with small increments, press longer for changes with larger increments. Confirm with [MENU]. Page 25 DMX address is to be set. Then select the DMX address for this channel from a range 1 … Confirm with [MENU] and repeat the procedure for all channels.

Press [ESC] to return to the main menu.


Botex DPX-620III User Manual



Botex DPX 620 III


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