A chill that seeps deep into my bones. The black sky is laced with stars. A high moon visible over the snow-capped peaks cloaks everything in cascading blues and grays. Ever since Victor killed me. Victor Valentine. How could I have fallen for him—knowing what he was?

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A chill that seeps deep into my bones. The black sky is laced with stars. A high moon visible over the snow-capped peaks cloaks everything in cascading blues and grays. Ever since Victor killed me. Victor Valentine. How could I have fallen for him—knowing what he was?

How could I have willingly given him my blood—knowing it would mean my death as a human? How could I have accepted becoming a monster—knowing it was a life I would detest?

He would drain me. I would die. So here I am, waiting for him to bring me back as a creature of the night like him. Did he change his mind? Did he decide that I would hate him too much if he turned me? Or is the metamorphosis from human to vampire a slow process that seems to take an eternity? I begin to hear a soft lyrical sound. Almost as if this place is singing to me. A voice suddenly echoes from within the stone.

Where am I? Then she leans over and smiles at me. Welcome back. I can hear the beeps on the heart monitor going faster. Thank God. But if it was, then why am I here? Turn me? I had accepted that I would become a vampire when I offered him my blood. I had felt a sense of relief that the battle was behind me, that the differences between us would no longer separate us.

I have to find Victor, discover exactly what happened. Why am I now in this cold room and not in his warm arms? I try to sit up and the nurse gently pushes me back down.

But who is? A door creaks open. She steps away, and another face hovers over me. It looks to be all business. Miss Montgomery, can you hear me? What happened after the darkness engulfed me? I give my head a slight shake and pain ricochets through it.

Everything is so fuzzy, so distant. Their voices echo along with my own. Before—that strange world in the mountains—seems more real. I was with Victor in a crumbling apartment building. He was dying. He fought my brother—Brady. Oh, God, Brady. A sharp pain pierces my chest as though a stake were thrust into my heart. All these years I thought he was dead. I thought vampires had killed him—but they chose a worse fate for him.

They turned him. No, not they. Sin, who attended our school. Sin, who dated my best friend, Tegan Romano. Sin, who earned our trust, and then betrayed us all. He stood alone as a new breed of vampire—a Day Walker. How could we have known he thirsted for our blood? By the time he showed his fangs, it was far, far too late. He sent Brady to kill Victor. He almost succeeded, but my love for Victor is stronger than Sin could ever comprehend.

Most vampire bites take days to mend and scar tissue develops. Even your tattoo is completely intact. My brother had them as well, which was the reason I had the ink work done. In honor of him—when I thought vampires killed him.

He took off once he saw us tending to you. Can you tell me what happened? Just that it seemed … real. I mean, right now, this all seems like the dream. My guardian, Rachel Goodwin, enters. She is always put-together in dark blue suits, with her brown hair clipped up neatly. Did he kill her?

Did he turn her? Releasing her hold on me, she tucks my hair behind my ears. Did we get him? What are we doing to find him? His plans are still unfolding, which makes him all the more dangerous, especially to those who know him. Like Tegan. Poor Tegan. She loved him. I need to see her. Even with all these blankets over me, I feel exposed. Right now I feel like Dorothy awakening after her trip to Oz.

Victor took me down a rabbit hole into the darkness of the vampire world. Rachel gives me another hug that almost strangles me. Jeff gently pulls her away. My boss. Somehow Sin infiltrated them and did the unthinkable: He turned some of them into vampires. He corrupted the incorruptible. He explains that they locked the doors, and brought out buckets of blood.

What if there are others Sin turned? Only this time, the enemy can walk in the sun. Too many kids at the party saw Sin at school. But at this point, we have no proof that the turned Night Watchmen were in fact Day Walkers.

You just need to get well. They used to be so vibrant and bright. When the door snaps closed in their wake, Tegan gives a startled jump. Tears are welling in her eyes. She rushes across the room and wraps her arms around me. She has a set of small, neat stitches on her neck. What if Victor did turn me? What if I am a vampire? I hate what he did to her.

I need to get out of here, find him, and make him pay.


Blood-Kissed Sky

Zoloran I never saw the end coming. Of course, she did have her moments where she seemed a bit naive and clouded from her own opinions. Also, finding out about his past made me hate him more — he was responsible for turning thousands of humans into monsters. Preview — Blood-Kissed Sky by J. She is researching a lost royal vampire family ksy also ends up learning some interesting secrets about her own parents and past. Jun 21, Nicole Wang added it.


It was short. The boring plot 2. The rubbish world building 3. The bitch heroine 4. The bitch heroine 5. Most of the characters 6. The fucked up romance 7.

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