Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. March Learn how and when to remove this template message Vivian Agnes Bruckner is a year-old werewolf born in Bucharest, Romania to Romanian parents, who later emigrated to America. When Vivian was nine years old, her parents and two siblings are murdered by two hunters who then burn down their family house. Orphaned, Vivian moves back to Bucharest to live with her aunt, Astrid who also owns a chocolate store in Bucharest, Romania Katja Riemann.

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Born in Bristol, England, in , Klause became fascinated with grisly things at an early age. Robinson before I ever saw any of their movies. When she was seven, Klause and her family moved north to Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She recalls that her first experience with creative writing occurred when she was incapacitated with a twisted ankle at age eight or nine. Klause wrote a poem about her mother ironing and decided from then on to save all her poems in a notebook. Soon she was writing and illustrating her own books, mostly about a cat and the kittens she has.

At age ten she and a neighborhood friend began making up plays and performing them on a tape recorder. Each of the chapters ended with ". In high school Klause continued writing poetry. After finishing college in , Klause went on to graduate school in library science. She took poetry workshops in college, but poetry was soon replaced by short stories once she graduated and started working in libraries. Klause began sending her work out to magazines, collecting numerous rejection letters.

Several of her poems and a short story were published in anthologies and small magazine reviews, but it took several years of concerted effort to find her voice and her audience. I continued with further ones.

I still go to the writing group Larry Callen introduced me to, and often chuckle about how an idea or action will affect the people in my group even as I am writing. In a way, I stole from myself with The Silver Kiss, because I looked at my old writing notebooks and found the vampire poem I had written as a t


[PDF] Blood and Chocolate Book by Annette Curtis Klause Free Download (264 pages)

She refused to stop grinning. A gash in her cheek still bled slightly. She scratched her scalp luxuriously with both hands, tousling her thick blond hair. She would ruin her beautiful face. She hardly knew her mother anymore. Vivian rolled her eyes.


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There are two differing accounts of their origins alluded to in the book; some believe they are descended from a prehistoric breed of canine which absorbed protean matter from a meteorite which enabled them to shape-shift into humans, others that they were a tribe of ancient human hunters blessed by the moon goddess Selene. Most loup-garoux follow the latter account and thus worship Selene as their patron and mother. Loups-garoux are portrayed as glorious beasts who revel in their dual nature, but do not reveal this truth to humans at the risk of violent backlash. In keeping with the traditional werewolf lore, silver is poisonous when introduced into the bloodstream, often proving fatal, and death is a real danger in that "anything that will sever the spine will do". Loup-garou is the French word for "werewolf".


Blood and Chocolate

I read it on a high recommendation from a friend and it bored me to tears. But I persevered, hoping it would get better. Our protagonist, Vivian, looks kinda like Megan Fox, only blonde. A female on the loose was a dangerous creature; she could challenge another bitch for a male she fancied. Some of those male eyes strayed to Vivian, too, and she preened at the thought of being a threat. His eyes were amused and dreamy, as if observing life from the outside and finding it vaguely funny. He seemed languid, not intense like the Five -- those jangly, nervy, twitching, squirming, fighting, snapping, sharp-edged creatures who demanded so much from her.



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