Contact: matthew blindedbyscience. Being part of such a great experience as writing a book has not been available to everyone. Until now. Matthew Silverstone started to write this book almost 2 years ago.

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But, more importantly, Culpeper chose to fill his book solely with herbal medicines that were easily available locally, so that it was no longer necessary to go to the doctor and pay lots of money for treatment. Blimded is where it all starts to get a bit scary. The other seven radiators, however, worked fine. It took a great deal of work to come up with all of the material within this chapter, unearthing many old books with hidden scientific facts, reading hundreds of articles and csience lots of cross-references from lengthy bibliographies.

Ellen rated it it was amazing Jul 31, What is the most noticeable point is his use of the cycloid spiral motion or, to put it another way, the spinning or vortex pattern, like the water going down the plug hole or the spinning used in biodynamic farming. This is a misguided point, as I have discovered a great deal of lost science in books written as long ago as 19 10 that seems to have been completely forgotten.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I believe I have discovered a great missing part of the scientific jigsaw that provides a new and very simple unifying theory. I was certainly not consciously part of any conspiracy theory, but I believe this way of thinking has been so indoctrinated into our society that it is almost impossible to drag ourselves out of it.

What he found was that for all liquids apart from water, this ability, the DC, was constant, scince in water it varied depending upon the external conditions the water had been subjected to. But what is of more interest than just this fascinating concept is that when two or more sound frequencies are combined from two sources, the patterns created are again unique. We know nothing about the way our body regulates its metabolic activity in cycles with that of the Earth, moon and sun.

Just an ordinary old tree. Somewhere in time, our belief system seems sience have steered us away from the logical, and has tried to tell us that mattheq gravitational influence of the planets has no effect on our health or behaviour. I can recognise some trees, but very few of them. The last great medically trained man who actually stood against the establishment was Culpeper, who lived as long ago as I could not silverstlne myself from wondering why it was considered necessary to stir water in a bucket so fast in one direction for thirty minutes and then in the other direction for another thirty minutes.

In fact, almost everything that is written about the blood flow will then be wrong. In Chapter i, I showed that, as long ago mathhew the 18th century, sand exposed to sound waves 7 6 WATER on a vibrating table was shown to produce a myriad of different shapes depending upon the sound frequency to which the sand was exposed. To say that my journey of research took me to places that I did not know existed is an understatement, as you will discover in the following chapters.

Any idea can generate new ideas. No-one since then has really stood up against the medical profession. The MRI scanner and the ultrasound machine are very popular in medicine. Everyone will help vote for the best one for the book. But I have moved on too quickly, without telling you what happened to my son that fateful day. Some of silversrone is positive, but some of it is alarmingly negative.

Elia discovered that when water was excited by an externally supplied energy, the electrons within the water produced vortices that aligned them to the ambient magnetic field, including that of the Earth. Why do I think that a herb could not function as well as a drug created by Western pharmaceutical companies? Related Articles.





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