In general, a range of properties can describe each style and any beer falling within this range is stylistically accurate. When studying the style, try to get an appreciation for the full range of beers that may fall within the guidelines for that style. Pay special attention to the wording of the guidelines. Modifiers are used to add information about different characteristics of the style. Look at the phrases which signify the magnitude of a characteristic, such as "little or no", "light to somewhat medium", "low to moderate", etc. These may seem ambiguous but they are written to give you a range to go by instead of an absolute value.

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Pass an Online Exam , then pass the corresponding Tasting exam. The rules are different. It depends on your current rank and exam scores. Read this document for the details.

Look at the Exam Calendar , find an exam location, contact the Exam Administrator. Some exams are over-subscribed; you may be placed on a waiting list. Do not wait until the last minute to register. The same way, except these exams are rarely over-subscribed. They are held less frequently, though. How Do I Become a Grader? Be a National or higher ranked judge. Volunteer by contacting the Exam Directors.

It covers: Technical aspects of brewing, ingredients, brewing process and possible faults. World beer styles, including characteristics, history, ingredients and brewing techniques. The purpose of the BJCP and the criteria for the judging ranks. Judging procedures and ethics. Please review the full details of the exam program. The Online Beer Entrance Exam You can take the entrance exam at any time; no advance registration is required.

It consists of questions, and must be answered in one hour. The exam can be taken once a day until it is passed. More details.

Do not take this exam without studying; you will be wasting your money. Please note that the entire question pool is copyrighted by the BJCP. The questions are not allowed to be published or copied without the express written consent of the BJCP. BJCP members violating this copyright may be sanctioned. Exam administrators frequently conduct exam preparation sessions for a number of weeks prior to the exam, so early registration can be a big advantage.

If you are taking a judging tasting exam, be prepared to show your certificate from the online examination or your BJCP membership card. Exam seats are limited. Do not sign up for more than one tasting exam! See our policy on simultaneous exams.

Studying for the Beer Judge Exam Beer Exam Study Guide, revised for the Style Guidelines, the study guide contains the necessary information needed to pass the exam. The questions given on the written exam are also included.

The question pool for the online exam is not published. So you want to be a Beer Judge? Some references are dated, but the general content is sound. They include how to recognize them and what to do about them. Please direct suggestions for changes to the author.

What about the Mead Judge Exam? A mead-specific Study Guide is available. The mead judge exam is scheduled, administered, and graded in the same way as the beer judge exam. What about the Cider Judge Exam? A cider-specific Study Guide is available. The cider judge exam is scheduled, administered, and graded in the same way as the beer judge exam. Information on how to order a Siebel off-flavor kit at a subsidized price for your exam preparation class.

Order using the ordering application.


Shared Flashcard Set

Papery Spicy When determining which characteristics to offer, we intentionally excluded those that can be easily reproduced at home. The CEP team will develop a flyer containing guidelines to supplement the Siebel kit that talks about what other faults class leaders should include in sensory training, and how to properly doctor those samples. This will be done prior to the new kits being shipped. A more advanced 12 vial kit may be developed at a later time if demand and budget permit.


Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)

No single person can receive more total points than the Organizer. For each entries over one additional Staff Point may be awarded. Organizer Points are capped at 6, regardless of competition size. A competition is comprised of one or more sessions spanning one or more days. DAY A calendar date when judging is held. Competitions may take place on one or more days, and the days do not have to be contiguous.


BJCP Exam [interim] Study Guide


CEI EN 61936-1 PDF

BJCP Exam Center


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