John P. Materia: Psicologia, Formato: Paginas: Datos de Biopsicologia Version 6.

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Start your review of Biopsychology Write a review Shelves: nonfiction , textbook This is the best textbook I have ever read. It was extremely interesting and educational. I learned so much from this class and a lot of which will stick with me because of the way the textbook teaches. I loved the writing of it, and enjoyed the little jokes here and there. I loved the real case studies shown in pretty much every chapter, they really helped explain the concepts and show how they apply to real life situations.

The labeling and specific sections which corresponded with it was also This is the best textbook I have ever read. The labeling and specific sections which corresponded with it was also very helpful in learning with having different areas like critically thinking, evolutionary connections, and clinical implications.

The chapters also built really well on each other, teaching any information needed for new chapters in the prior ones. The many diagrams and pictures were also great and added a more visual learning style to the book as well.

I have never even really cared for any textbook before, particularly something non-literature course related but this one truly astounded me. This book was thoroughly engaging and appealed to several different learning types. The topics of the chapters were also very intriguing. I enjoyed learning about the way neurotransmitters worked and how that applies to anxiety and depression, and the medications given for these conditions, in particular since I have anxiety.

The book prompts you to not take things at face value but to always view "facts" as "hypotheses" that could change in the future and to always have solid research and experiments to backup your findings. I honestly have felt so weird nerding out over a textbook Pinel caters to the B. For instance, "salts dissolve in water to form ions" wholly ignores CHEM rules of solubility.

Describing the complex physical sciences involved in generating an MRI image as "something to do with hydrogen atoms" is decidedly vague. However, it is deceptive in the amount of scientific accuracy it truly contains. This being said, Pinel has produced an easy-to-read textbook that engages the reader, often by means of several anecdotes and jokes. My favourite: "Acetylcholine abbreviated Ach is a small-molecule neurotransmitter that is in one major respect like a professor who is late for a lecture: It is in a class by itself.

In-text citations are another enjoyable feature of this edition. I am a firm believer that even a counselling psychologist should have a solid scientific foundation on the neural bases of affect and cognition. However, this is something for the library card or the home bookshelf and should not be considered a definitive scientific reference.


Biopsicología 6ED



Biopsicología, 6ta Edición – John P. J. Pinel



Biopsicología, John P. J. Pinel. PDF





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